Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Hank

There is a lot to take in when I look at this picture. 
Sydney is not normally flinging her body and throwing a fit.  That is not her normal self.
Charley usually has a much more relaxed happy smile on his face when he is getting his picture taken...the kid knows about posing for a picture...

and then there is that young man peering shyly over my shoulder. 

This picture captures a part of Henry's personality that is a challenge for Ed and I.  It is his shy side.  It is the part of him that keeps him from participating in a new situation with independence and confidence.  It is the part of him that has him quieting and slinking behind my leg.

But today - my son did well.  His first independent swim lesson went WAY better than I expected.  And this might be the first step to Henry becoming a little more confident in situations where mama, daddy, and Charley aren't there to hide behind.

Preschool is coming upon us very quickly and my anxiety is starting to build.  I want my Henry to enjoy life - and it breaks my heart when he hides behind me like he is doing in the picture up above. 

Henry is a tender soul that is full of spunk.  He can mix up a good batch of trouble when we are at home.  He can often times instigate and aggravate trouble with his brother.  He has been pushing my buttons HARD many three year olds do.  But that little boy in that picture up above...he is also a big part of who Henry is.  And we love him so much. 

Isn't it amazing how you can raise multiple children and they all have different personalities.  I guess it's what makes parenting interesting :)  What fun would it be if you figured it all out with your first child...and could just coast through the rest of your tribe. 


The Mama said...

Sounds so much like my son. Praying for y'all as preschool starts, and praying for sweet Henry too!

Grandma Charlie said...

Yeah, Henry!! So happy swimming went well; was thinking of you yesterday.

Roz said...

Yes..the difference in each child amazes me almost daily. Somehow the similarities do too.

Last night I dreamt that we ran into each other. You were at a huge mom gathering in a huge white mansion doing crafts with a bunch of other women. I was about to bring my kids back home, and I rounded a corner and saw you. We hugged and commented how "sooner or later we knew we would run into each other!" It was too funny! Weird huh? :)

Barb said...

There will be no coasting through your tribe Sarah. The love you have for them allows you to treasure and enjoy their individuality forever. Thrilled to see Henry swimming like a fish.

Raina and Andy said...

see...the Henry I know is a trouble making cutie! I haven't seen him in a public setting where he is shy...except it always seems he needs some time to warm up. i will try hard not to use the label of shy around him. i want him to have confidence in everything about him...big or small. love that lil hank! RR


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