Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sydney fix and rambling thoughts...

This little blue eyed little Miss is verging on six months old.
That means her first year is half over.
Or I guess you could say...she still has half of her first year ahead of her.
The thing that keeps me feeling okay with the time thing...her shoe collection. When I keep trying them on her feet and they still don't fit, because I swear they just get plumper...they aren't getting longer, I realize there is still a lot of itty bitty time yet in her life.

Last night we got out the high chair. Not because we are going to feed her just yet. I want to get through the next couple weeks and get her 6 month doctor appointment in because my sister in law shared a really amazing book and I want to try a few new things with feeding my third....keeping the whole parenting thing interesting and not coasting through this third child's first solid food experience (solid food being not-breast milk). So I want to run my thoughts past our doctor and get myself organized...hints at her first might not be the constipating cereal...but rather the yummy banana or avocado.

As our week progresses I am struggling with Miss Sydney's naps. We have had a really nice low key week so far. No big outings, no playdates, just getting to swimming and getting Sydney's naps in. She is needing nice naps in her crib but she is not in a good routine with timing on these princess snoozes. Luckily, friends are flexible and understand when I say - "right now we are last minute confirmers." Meaning, last minute I can tell you what we are going to be doing, if it involves leaving the house.

Yesterday I spent a few hours, broken up of course, putting away laundry, sorting through the kids dressers and closets, and making sure that what is out is what they fit in. Does anyone have a good way to organize the stuff you get from people, I am talking the bin of hand me downs. I am overwhelmed. I SOOOO appreciate it - but I feel like I am missing out on using a few things because I don't have a good way to organize it. So for now...the bigger, soon to fit stuff, hangs to the far right or is in the bottom drawer. We'll see how that works.

* Anticipating the "phone guy" because our land line hasn't been working for over a week.  Let's  bet he arrives 5 minutes before the four hour span when he potentially could be here is over.  Making us late for swimming. 
*  Johnny jump up will be hung and Miss Sydney will get to jump.  Because she is ready.  We never did the johnny jump up with the boys.  We have another jumping contraption but a friend has it at the moment.
* Cooler temps here but absolutely beautiful means...maybe we will open the windows today ...or bake a cake.
*I will wipe down the highchair so Miss Sydney can start sitting with us at dinner...this also means that we are going to shift our "assigned" table spots a wee bit.  Does anyone else have assigned table spots?  And by assigned I just mean they just naturally kind of happened and the kids HAVE to sit in their spot when they have friends over and when they are feeling crazy they will sit in Daddy or Mommy's seat. 


April said...

Sarah, She is so cute! Yesterday I switched the 0-3 month stuff out for the 3-6. It made me anxious and sad that this 0-3 stage is over! :(
We basically have assigned seats. We are running out of room in our small kitchen! We got out the high chair right before our vacation, just so Mollie could hang with us in the kitchen. Its not a big one but we don't have room for it. So, it looks like we will have to get one that attaches to the the table.
I am curious to hear what you will trying new for feeding. My 2nd eats nothing so I really want to make sure Mol eats! :)

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

We fell into an assigned seating routine as well. Wonder how it will shake Out when Connor gets a spot at the table! Lily also takes it sofar as to assign the empty chairs to auntie, grandma and grandpa...even when they aren't here! Are those lilys old pants?!?!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

We have assigned seats, although I think it just sort of happened.
Cute pics of little Sydney!

Danifred said...

I just can't believe she's 6 months already. Geez how time flies!


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