Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now that we are home...

I can say the travel was worth it. But at one point today, I said very honestly to Ed, "I have had enough family time. You are lucky you get to go to work and get away from us."

But now that we are home, and we are slightly unpacked. And the tribe is up sleeping peacefully. I can say it was worth it.

It was worth seeing Charley give my Aunt Mary, who he hardly knows, a hug when we left her house because he had so much fun.

It was worth seeing my grandpa eating one of my m & m cookies.

It was worth chatting with my cousin Kim about being busy moms and juggling it all.

It was worth pulling into Aunt Katy and Uncle Jim's driveway and feeling at home. Thank you.

It was worth the chocolate chip cookie baked by Ed's grandma (who turned a whopping 93 years old recently...give or take a year)that we all enjoyed after lunch...which was sandwiched between Sydney cozy in her Great Grandma's arms.

So on Tuesday last week we arrived home from Grandma Charlie's house after 4 hours in the car, without movies. Friday we got in the car and drove 3 hours to a hotel. Saturday we woke up and after 2 hours of swimming in the hotel pool we spent 3 hours driving to my Aunt Mary's house. Saturday evening we drove 1 hour to our Aunt Katy's for the night. And on Sunday we drove a good 6 hours home. It has been WAY too much time in the car. It has been wayyyy too much time travelling without a movie. I can say my children can do it. And now, as my sister would say, we are moving on.

There will be some movie watching on our next road trip.  Promise.

We are going to relish the next few days...spending as little time as possible in the car.

But really, once we are home, and I am staring at the computer screen and Ed has his feet up zoned out in front of the Tour de France...I can say a crabby voice however,

It was worth it.

Because it was. So very much.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading about your travels! worth it as you said. :) Rest up, lady!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

yay! Glad you are home safe and that you had some fun family time. We just got back late late LATE last night and we just enjoyed a lazy day today. Tomorrow Dan has to go back to work booo :( I will miss him, but it is sooo good to be home. You definitely beat me to the blogging! It is all I can do to sit here at almost 1:00 in the morning and read and catch up on some of the blogs I've missed. Yours included. tomorrow is unpacking day, laundry day and back to real life.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

That is way too much time in the car, glad it was worth it:) What time did you return, we got back around 3:30pm. Always say we will come back a day early and then we always change our minds. But it is good to be home...I think.


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