Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I bet these were favorite moments

I have hundreds of pictures to look through.
To choose from.
To share. 

But quick...if I look quickly...I think these were favorite moments of our fourth of July weekend.

First though,  I don't think I have EVER been up north when the weather has been consistently perfect the entire weekend.  Let me say that again.  PERFECT the ENTIRE weekend.  I dressed without worrying about being hot or cold and I was comfortable everywhere we went.  It was perfect.  Sydney started sleeping through the night again...the magic of Grandma's house.  The boys went in Lake Superior.  We all enjoyed the fireworks...the parade was comfortable and not too hot.  It was just perfect.  So here are a few shots that I think would have been favorite moments for each member of our family of five. 

Daddy wandering the woods of his childhood.

Charley had a great time climbing around in a patch of ferns.  But here he is just giving me a smile.

Sydney got a quiet moment of her own with Grandma Charlie.
She has been waiting for this. 
And by she...I could mean both of them :)

Henry was loving the four wheelers that zip by Grandma's house...but he also loved sitting on Grandpa's and pretending to drive it.  

And look...I was there.  Thank you Kelly for capturing a decent picture of me and sending it my way. 
It is rare that I get a picture...and one that I like enough to post :)

More to share...but tonight we found ourselves wandering the aisles of Sears and Best Buy...pondering the dishwashers and other appliances.  Our dishwasher has been out of order for the last week...and I am desperately needing it replaced.  But we are taking it slow and will buy when we feel ready.  So I am just saying a quick hi...because after Monday's late night...and tonight's late night...I am guessing tomorrow is going to be a bit rocky. 


Henry's first "big kid" activity...tennis!  EEK!  I hope he goes for it and enjoys.
He also gets to hop in the pool at Charley's swim lessons and give it a try.
And other than that...we will be getting our house back in order so we can play this week with some friends.  We are missing our local besties!


Anonymous said...

Not too hot at the parade? Holy smokes I thought I would go up in flames! However, the rest of the weekend was perfect!

So sad we didn't get to meet up. :(

Can't wait to see more pics!

4th of July up north is for sure a tradition from now on.


shellycoulter said...

You are beautiful! What a great picture of you and your little lady! I'm sure it is one she will love to look at when she is an older kiddo and one she will cherish when she is an adult! :) Yay for good pictures with Mom in them.

Barb said...

Great post and left me with such warm feelings for all of you up North with those you love. Great picture of Ed (can I have a copy) and the one of you with Sydney (can I have that one too)? I always love the pics you post of the boys too - you know that! Good times and great memories for you all to treasure.

Shell said...

Looks like you had a fun family weekend!

The Tompkins Family said...

You look fab!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

1. Great shots.
2. You look wonderful!
3. An out-of-order dishwasher is no joke...


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