Monday, July 4, 2011


We spend all year trying to fill in our summer weekends wisely...not too full but yet, full of all the fun and people we crave to enjoy.  .
First it was a week at Grandma and Grandpa Schneider's house. 
Then it was the fourth of July weekend...
Next it will be a family reunion picnic.
And then the ultimate cottage week...
Followed by some northern adventure...

My point...the anticipation to all of these events is part of the fun. 
The talk.  The planning.  Even in it's very small way...the packing.
The sad fact though....the event, the weekend, the activity etc.  It goes by so fast. 
One can try and slow the time down.
To choose slow moments.
To sit back and notice.
But it still flies. 

The blur of fun.

This holiday weekend, celebrating the Fourth of July, has been full of family and fun. 
And it isn't over just yet.  But you can feel the end and you can let it consume you. 
You can focus on who you didn't see, what you didn't have time for, and the sadness that you won't see some for a while again.  

Or you can enjoy the beauty.  The moments together.  The comfortable fun. 
We are north.  We are comfortable.  We are surrounded by people we love to see.
We are north.  And we are going to savor every last moment of this holiday weekend. 

Happy Fourth of July to you and yours.  

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