Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Morning ramblings...

Because of the blind snipping incident my "stage" of half sleeping in (meaning one ear is always open listening for chaos to erupt downstairs)has ended. boo. I guess we parents get to go through stages too.

So I descend to "life" at 6:50 and so it begins. I was up at 6 to nurse Miss Sydney though. So don't think I was sleeping til almost 7.

The boys are busy boys this morning. Henry has fallen 4 times in tears. I have now outlawed moving. They must sit and play. Great way to start out Tuesdays.

As I toss random toys on the rug by the front door, demanding they get put away before anyone heads off to school, I kick myself for not cleaning up the dinner dishes and mess last night before bed. The boys did get busy and all that lays on the rug at the moment is a lone flip flop and tinker toy.

All of this done in their little super hero underwear. You know the ones...the tiny ones. Henry's belly button still sticks out and I love that. I hope he always loves it. Their PJ's of choice these days are just their underwear...maybe because it was almost 100 yesterday and though our air worked hard - it didn't cut it on our second level.

I can count Charley's ribs. I laughed the other day with a friend about how they are eating more and more and I run out of food at meals and only get a small serving myself. I need to make more. I need to buy more. One frozen pizza doesn't cut it for our family now. 1 hot dog doesn't fill a 6 year old boys belly. We need to fatten this boy up.

Oh, boy. Henry is crying again. I thought I outlawed moving.

Sydney now squeals. The morning looks to be getting a wee bit more exciting. I can't wait to see how her prescription strength yeast fighting miracle lotion worked last night. We also have an oral prescription that I am not looking forward to. I love pink...but not pink medicine spit up all over. But I can't take her in for pictures with a neck that looks the way that it does.

I know she will greet me with busy kicky kicks and a big smile. Then she will shove that fist up to her mouth and get her two favorite fingers in there and suck ferociously. We will venture downstairs and the exosaucer will be her first stop. She is getting the hang of it and loves the freedom and point of view that she gets. Mama needs to be near by though - because Henry gets a tad excited having her upright and somewhat looking like she could play.

Tuesday morning begins. It is good. I feel down. But I am going to pump myself up. Because....

* we need bread.
*annual summer dollar store shop.  I like to stock up a stash of things to pull out when needed.
*swimming lessons which will test our ability to handle humid spaces
*and more laundry.
*must start my packing list for our first summer road trip.


Coffee Please!?! said...

Hi - i so know how it goes ... my kidlets are 3, 9 and 10. I had to stay home yesterday from work with the 3 y.o. I had a terrible headache before the older 2 got on the schoolbus and it came back, fericiously, when they disembarked the bus in the afternoon. Why can't everyone just get along?? Have fun the rest of the day!!

April said...

I love you told Henry that he is no longer allowed to stand! LOL, so true sometimes.
I really have a hard time waking up to kaos downstairs and the fighting, it starts so early in our house :)
Have a great day!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

The dollar store is a great idea. May have to do that too. My laundry is overwhelming me. My house has been completely neglected since the weather has been nice. I can't decide if that makes me a bad mom or a better mom. But today it is raining so I guess it is my chance to catch up a little.


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