Thursday, May 19, 2011

Every home owner has the project list. Not the one that is full of things that are do-able or must be done tasks. I am talking the redo, tear down, gut, change up, list...the list you might choose one item from to attempt to tackle once a year. Right now we have our master bathroom gutted. And it is all my fault that it sits at a standstill. I am not someone who is good at picking out all the little things. I need direction and choices. I am also not very good at giving my husband time to work on the project. Anyways...let's get back to the point.

One of the things on our list will be to relandscape our yard - SOMEDAY. Someday we will have help to determine which plants and bushes will do well and look just right. Or someday we will have the time and energy to read and learn so we can figure it out on our own. But for now, I have enough on my plate just opening up a cookbook to read what I should pile on my troops' dinner plates.

My point...this year the boys AND Sydney ventured to the flower store. We picked out a few different kinds...these stinky flowers because the rabbits don't like them.

And of course some "snap dragons" because the boys have big expectations for those buggers.

And we returned home and got our hands in the dirt and planted. I started out trying to guide them on where to place the flowers and then I realized - I am a mom of two boys who are kneeling here with me and helping and learning. And why not let them just go for it. So I let them dig and plant wherever they thought and followed behind making sure they were placed deep enough and were planted strong enough. So we'll go with it and I will post a picture in a few weeks of the outcome.

Meanwhile, while the boys planted, Miss Sydney sat kicking and vibrating in her little chair. Finally, dozing off on this glorious spring day. I was in heaven. Life couldn't have been better - scratch that...if my allergies could have not played a role in the afternoon - that would have been bliss!


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

i love, love, love for you and her, that syd is so laid back. she truly does just chill. i love it.
can't wait to see how the plantings look as they grow!!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

way to be mom! I don't think I would have had the gumption to let the kids pick where to plant. I let them help me plant the garden a couple weeks ago but I am pretty sure I guided where each and every seed landed. Your boys will be so proud since they did it all themselves.

Kim said...

We did some planting last weekend. And I just let our three year old go. It was muddy and irritating but I kept thinking to myself this is good practice for when they're both running around tracking mud into my life!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Fun, I need to get some plants, its on the list, the do able one.

Now as for those big projects, we have a couple of those right now. Some that don't involve us doing it so much as paying for it, like fixing the garage roof.

Allowing the time to get the projects done that is the hard part, so much to do on the weekends.

I think it is fun to pick out new stuff though, tiles, faucets, sinks, fun! Yes I am a dork like that.

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Yeah for planting. My boys love it too. I would really enjoy if our ground wasn't so rocky! It's always back breaking labor for just a few petunias!

Crystal said...

I love how Charley has his bike helmet on in almost all your outdoor pictures these days! Such cuties you have!


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