Wednesday, May 18, 2011

4 months

Miss Sydney.

My girl.
You crack me up.
You catch my breath.
You cause me to smile. 
....from the inside out.

You are 4 months old now.
You sleep 7:30pm-8am.
You nap here and there.
  ...or in your crib for a two hour afternoon rest.  Bliss.

You rarely cry.
You won't take the bottle.
You are the most content little girl.
...I lose you through out the day and have to look in 2-3 places to find you.

You are busy kicking.
You are starting to roll.
You jack knife those legs straight up
....and then plop over on your side. 

You are starting to talk more.
You coo and sigh.
You squeal.
....when you are making your noises I think of loved ones who have passed. 
I know that Grandma Schnooksie and Grandma Dort are giggling from up above. 

Your dresses are like little comfort blankets.
Your fingers find your mouth without hesitation.
Your arm rests over your face when you sleep. soothe yourself and are at peace almost all the time. 

You are pooping less often.
When you "toot" you have little girl stink that makes me laugh.
You still love getting your diaper changed.
....You have been so healthy and happy.

You are loved by two big brothers.
You watch Henry all morning long.
You put up with their too close encounters.
...You are blessed by these two young men who will know you the longest.

I am loving every second.
And am so glad that three was our family.
If I could slow down time I would.
....instead I will just try and savor and soak it up.

Two months vs. 4 months


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

they grow so fast! I look at my little Emma and think is she really that old?

Ross Family said...

Oh my she ever cute! I love her little leggings. WHere did you find those? She looks so much like Ed!! I am so glad she is a good baby, I hope ours is as relaxed as Miss. Sydney seems to be!

Anonymous said...

i love the monthly photo with ed holding her up in the the lion king. haha! syd is so special. SO DARN SPECIAL. i love this post so much. RR

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I can't believe how different 2 months and 4 months are!! She is such a cutie!
I love the Sydney posts, I get a little glimpse at the future...and remind myself that it won't be long before I just might get a full nights sleep :)


Barb said...

Every day when I see a picture of Sydney, I say to myself "who is that?" and I'm smiling because it's her and she's growing up so fast. I need to see her really soon!!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

i agree about the ed/syd fun. a cute, creative way to show the growth..which is so obvious in these shots.
have fun with her. you have so much ahead!!


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