Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Leftovers

It's Friday.  We had a good week.  But I totally over scheduled us.  Next week - the calendar is going to be less penciled in...except for this and this and this and this.  May is a busy month.  Fun.  But busy.  Yesterday I ended up feeling overwhelmed by about 2:30pm.  I just felt like the whole day was spent thinking about the next thing instead of enjoying the present moment.  But we survived and I even made myself leave the house at 7:45 to go grocery shopping all by myself and it was wonderful. 

I got/gave three hugs from friends yesterday.  Hugging helps.

Today we have an hour and a half oil change plus other stuff appointment.  I actually enjoy these kinds of outings with my kids because it allows me to just sit and focus on them while we wait.  I bring my bag of tricks and just let my body relax, breathe, and enjoy them.  It will be Sydney and Henry today and I plan on holding Sydney the entire time.  I hope she is ready for some solid mama time. 

I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy but caught 5 minutes of it last night during the season finale...I want to talk to someone who you?

I fell behind with my blogging this week.  I hope to grab an hour or two this weekend.  But my online classes have me feeling guilty if I sit down at the computer and am not doing my homework.  So I just avoid it. 

It has been beautiful all week.  Today and tomorrow it is supposed to rain which is fine by me.  Rain slows me down.  However, I have the kiddos tomorrow morning as "solo mama" and Charley has a soccer game at 8:30am.  So if it is raining - that will up the degree of difficulty immensely. 

Charley has a rollerskating birthday party this weekend.  He has been rollerskating once in his life when he was 4 and it wasn't good.  Ed is going to go along to help.  Love that he will do that. 

Sydney still sleeping like a champ.  Her little thighs are now what we would call pork chops and they are seriously delicious. 

My mom emailed me this week a collection of snippets from letters she wrote her good friend when she was in the trenches of being a stay at home mom.  It was like reading her blog or her email in box.  It was hilarious and insightful.  I wonder all the time what she did and felt when she was doing what I am doing.  And to know she spent her morning rolling socks into balls with my sister, reading books, and putting up with my middle school know it all attitude makes me smile. 

Couch is mounded with laundry, house is littered in piles of clutter, kitchen counter is loaded with dirty dishes, camera is full of pictures from the week, I have several chapters of reading for my classes, and 80 kindergarten graduation certificates to fill out and roll and tie.  So this afternoon...that's what I am doing.  Because this evening we have some friends coming over to make sushi and I am looking forward to a glass of wine, some raw fish, and some fun catching up.  Boys will be in bed by 7:02, and not a minute later.  


Anonymous said...

I love Grey's Anatomy!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. Mostly due to the fact that we don't have TV. We just get our TV fix on and spend our evenings watching the old Dick Van Dike Show. Why can't TV still be like that? Anyway just to let you know my house's condition sounds exactly like yours. Laundry, dishes, clutter and all. But it is going to have to stay that way because the sunshine is out again and I don't want to stay inside anymore.

Barb said...

So - you must be rolling sushi about now! Hope so and that you have a great weekend. Relax, deep breath, because here we all come, heading into town.

Jenner said...

I remember how delicious my baby's porkchops were! That's one terrific thing about babies!!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Your evening with friends is to.die.for! I want one!

I watch Grey' that caca!

I kind of love taking the Crazies on new adventures's always interesting to see how they'll react!

Danifred said...

I can't imagine how awesome it was to read your mom's letters. I'm sure there was both helpful and funny stuff in there.


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