Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Sunday afternoon. What are you doing today?

I kicked the day off with my second homemade latte - and it was amazingly pretty tasty!

I ran out and shopped for the Easter bunny with Sydney. I think she can keep the secret. And it will be hilarious when Sydney's basket is drastically bigger than the boys. But that is all that Target had this year. Things that found their way into my cart: a baseball glove and bike lock for Henry, some new chalk, some mini boxes of cereal, an automatic ball return putter thingy for Charley, new water bottles, a star wars figure, and some other little items.

I baked chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

I added songs to my playlist that can play, if you want it to, at the bottom of this blog page. Or you can hit play here:

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I am on the fourth load of laundry.

I have removed many of our winter items from our closet and mud room.

I have the windows open.

I am happy about the new lamp we bought yesterday!

Downloaded pictures.

Filled out our weekly calendar.

And the list continues to grow. 

So curious what are you wearing this Sunday afternoon...and how are you spending this lovely day...well it is lovely here!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I took a nap while holding Emma on the recliner today. Dan took the older kids for a drive so I could have a break. It was lovely.

Raina and Andy said...

we went to a 1/2 off baby rummage this am and out for lunch which was a total bomb because my clothes came on bread. eli and i took naps. we did laundry. i made split pea soup using the ham bone. we also put away a bunch of our winter stuff. we played trains and cars. taught eli to cut his plastic fruit and veggies (they velcro together and have a plastic knife). wiped his nose 256 times. ordered a baby gift for a friends shower. went for a walk with the wagon. gave eli his bath. thought about work and got 29 pages in the 2nd dragon tattoo book. right now i'm wearing a long sleeved gray shirt with a hood and black pajama pants (What else!? ha). RR -ps i'm waiting for a daily dose of syd....

Raina and Andy said...

alright---I obviously did not order clothes on bread. I ordered chicken and it came on bread. HA RR

Anonymous said...

Had a wonderful day spent with my little man Jack while Matt spent some time alone. Jack and I ran errands, chatted while eating a very long relaxing lunch, played with a new fun hand-me-down race car track, and then finished the day walking endlessly around the big circle that is the first floor of our home. Giggled a lot. It was good!


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