Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kick off Monday

This post really resonated with me.  I just kept thinking about it all weekend.

And yes, I do have a daughter now and this post was written to girls.  But I thought all weekend how I want my boys to know me as a happy content mama.  I want them to understand the choices I have made or the circumstances that have us living the way we are.  And I want them to celebrate these choices and realize that they are choices that a future wife/partner might make when they have children so that they are happy.  Whether it is working or staying home.  Baking bread or buying it.  Signing up for extra curricular activities or not.  Having a garden or visiting the farmer's market.  Travelling to see family for crazy family holidays or staying put to celebrate quietly as a family. 

I was going to wait until Friday to share but then thought - it might be a good kick off the week thought for some of us.  I know when holidays roll around and there is travel, packing, baking, decorating, and other hoopla - our regular routines are that much busier and I, for one, can sometimes get overwhelmed. 

As we prepare for our Easter celebrations, transition into this spring season, and prepare for summer and the changes to routine...I want to keep in mind - How I am doing things around here - because it isn't so much what we do as moms/'s how we do them - the attitude, grace, and patience.  The whole Quality vs. Quantity.   Checked in or checked out.  Present.  Calm. 



Laura said...

Great reminder to "check in" and enjoy.

Danifred said...

I agree, what a great post!

JessieLeigh said...

I love your thoughts on this, Sarah! It is precisely that PRESENCE that counts for so much, I think. (And I have a son in addition to my girls... he needs to see these things from me just as much! :)) Appreciate the link and your additional thoughts and ideas!


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