Monday, April 18, 2011

Gone in the Morning

The boys woke up this morning FULL of crazy energy.  By Crazy I mean, loud, yelling, laughing, and maybe romping - there could have been a little of that.  Boy crazy.  I had to give them several reminders to quiet down and calm down.  And finally I shipped them down to the basement to clean up, which caused some tears, which ended with me slamming the basement door.  Oh no I didn't?  Oh - yes. I. Did.  And it felt good. 

But a half hour later - the basement looked a lot better.  I felt peace.  And the boys had calmed down. 

It really makes me wonder how some mornings they wake up and peacefully chat and build legos until I beg them to get ready for school.  And other mornings - I can't wrap my mind around their choices.  And on a Monday it is hard to have this kind of start. 

Their breakfast was a bowl of cheerios, some grapes, and a banana.  Neither argued - I think they knew.  There was no point.  This mama was going to win today.

It is cold too.  But I made the right decision and I whipped my hat on and bundled Syd in her winter suit and we walked to school.  I figured they needed to burn energy. And I won.  We said good bye to Charley and said, "see you this afternoon - it's going to be great!"  And home again we returned.  A little Sesame Street for Hank.  A shower for mama.  And Sydney in her happy glory kicking around on her play mat. 

Screen free week - HELL NO!  I considered it a TON.  And I am challenging Ed and I to do something different each evening this week.  Last night we watched an episode of The Tudors together.  Saturday night we played a game of Bananagrams.

We don't watch a TON of TV.  Henry has had a runny nose for about a week.  And with Easter travels coming I want us to lay low this week. The weather is - well to put it frank - CRAP.  Snow - give me a break.  And if I thought TV ruled our world I would get on this no screen time challenge lickety split.   But I love showering and knowing they are totally zoned out - and not jumping on the bed or pulling the blinds off the wall.  I LOVE how they will saddle up next to each other on one chair and sit curled watching some Bubble Guppie Jack and the Neverending Pirate show.  And I Tivo'd Toy Story 3 so you can bet that we will include that in one of our afternoons!

So No Screen week - you can bite me.  Charley does have a no screen week challenge for school.  And we will do this.  When he asks to watch a cartoon we WILL do other things and fill in his sheet.  We will not resort to TV time as quickly.  I will be more creative with our pre-Easter holiday time and we'll enjoy the opportunity to have a pastel crafty craze that offers endless hours of sticky fun. 

So it is Monday morning.  Life is good and balanced.  And I am pushing the anxiety that is creeping up really quickly about the summer.  How is it going to be having all three - EVERY DAY.  ALL DAY.   The routine will change.  The dynamics are always different.  It will be good and exciting - but also exhausting.

Onward folks!  Kick up your heels.  It is going to be a great week.  Maybe shorter for some of you.  Maybe busier for some of you.  Maybe just right.  Hoping it will be just right for all of you!  And if your morning started out a little crazed - I hope all that crazy was "Gone in the Morning" and you are "moving on" (that's for you Raina) to bigger and better moments in this Monday morning.

P.S.  I know that I haven't posted any pictures of Sydney lately - that's because she sprouted some obnoxious bunny ears in honor of the upcoming holiday.  Just kidding.  She is as adorable as ever.  Plumping up like a little pink piglet should.  Pictures soon - because there are a few spring dresses that I am going to torture her with...since her basket is just the right size for some crazy photo shoot fun.  Anyone want to come and be my assistant...Anyone?   Mom - you know how much she likes to get her arms smooshed when getting dressed :)  You can have that job :)

And spelling and grammer errors are in full swing in honor of my brain transitioning into spring - back to winter - and hopefully spring again.  Sorry. 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I had one of those slam the basement door mornings except I don't have a basement to banish the kids to. sigh. I am in search for three matching easter dresses. One for me, kiera and emma. even thought about making them. doubt that will happen. EEEEk Emma just leaked on me. Gotta go.

Crystal said...

I thought about the No Screen thing for about 5 minutes before also saying HELL NO. I agree that it is nice to be able to shower and feeling as if you can leave them alone for a few minutes while you do. Or when I can let them pick something to watch while I squeeze in a blog post or catch up on facebook. I am sure it's not turning them into brain dead little zombies, and I know for a fact it makes me a happier - and therefore better - mommy.

Hope you have a great week!

P.S. I referenced your blog post about changing up the library trip in a recent post - hope that you don't mind! I thought it was such an awesome idea :)

Jenner said...

I had a bad morning, woke up with a screaming headache and the peapod's voice was TOO LOUD! Thankfully I was feeling much better by afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I HAD to comment after I read that you are watching The Tudors. That was my winter OBSESSION! Why?? Not really sure. But I couldn't get enough! HA! AmyK


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