Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I Love on Tuesdays....lego fun!

This week I feature something that might make for a great Easter basket treat.  I had always wanted to get my boys these and I pointed them out to Ed's mom when we shopped one weekend.  The next thing I know, two little cases with "Legos" stickered on the top arrived via the snail mail!  And the boys have been busy ever since.  The cases are big enough to keep them busy but not so big that they are overwhelming.  The lids close flush against the dividers so the legos stay in their spots even if they are tossed about.  The boys empty and fill them throughout the day.  And next weekend when we travel - heck we might get to bring some legos along :)


Anonymous said...

Don't really have a comment---Just wanted to say that I was thinking about you this morning.

Barb said...

Colleen cracks me up to the max. I'm down and out and so crabby and then I read her comment - oh my gosh, she's such a treasure!

I love the little lego cases and enjoyed helping Henry fill it last time I visited. They are absolutely amazing little organizers.

Jenner said...

That would be great for beads and stuff, too!

Danifred said...

One of these days I'll introduce my girls to Legos. I think they'd love them!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Those are so cute. I haven't seen cases like that. You know we love legos too:)


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