Thursday, April 7, 2011

Twittering Thursday Thoughts...

Even with the overwhelming moments - I am sure it is hormones. Bless them. Things have really come together here lately. The spring air that has been blowing through our house the last few days has had a wonderful impact on all of us.

The fresh air, Vitamin D, exercise, change of play space...all of it. Bliss.

The birds that are twittering about in the morning and throughout the day make me smile.

The sand - not my favorite - but I will take it and go with it because our flooring is pretty lived in and so let's just enjoy.

The sandbox that we built almost 2 years ago...HEAVEN! My husband doesn't reap the benefits of his hard work all that often. But for the last week the boys have been out there every afternoon with the neighbor girls playing..hours! HOURS!

Sydney might be growing...she is waking at 2am and 5 am. I am hitting the pillow hard by 9:30...but struggle around 3:15 to fall back asleep. I'll survive.

My sister sent me the book ROOM and I can't wait to dive in. I have started but conked out last night. Looking forward to snagging more moments in the coming days. From what I hear it won't take long to read.

What I would like to happen before the end of this week...a friend to have her baby. Come on Baby H - let's get the show on the road!

I made rice krispie bars today...I am trying not to buy any more body craves chocolate when I am nursing. So if I am going to eat that sweet stuff - it is going to be home baked.

I am committing to sitting down with my sewing machine this weekend. I am saying that on here so maybe someone can ask me on Monday how it went.

I have a new sling carrier to try. I am excited because two of my favorites are really big to tote around...and this one would fold up nice and tiny. So I am going to master it this will follow.

When friends visit and take Sydney she gets a big pouty lip. It is darn cute and also blows our minds because we think "she's too young to know a stranger has her." Today when "stranger Melody" was holding her she kept her eyes on me smiling.

Sydney also loves hearing her name. I swear she smiles when you say it.

Henry has a runny nose and stinky breath...he is sick, I guess.

Charley's lip is healing quickly. He was out riding his bike with his buddy and I was so in heaven watching him be a BOY on his BIKE!

I keep forgetting that the weather is nice and my camera can now be enjoyed outside. I need to get on that.

We want to get a floor lamp for our main living area..I want something "not boring"...maybe even eclectic and colorful. Lamps are expensive...ugh. I also want to redo our front room that everyone sees when they walk in. Our bathroom is still gutted. I would love for someone to just come do it.   I am just not good at making decisions for decorating...buying a car or a house - I am your GO FOR IT girl...but picking out bathroom tile...ugh.

Okay, this is getting really long and random.

Happy Thursday night! Tomorrow is Friday! And then it is a quiet weekend here. Whoopie! Love that. I think we will find a park to enjoy, a new meal to cook, and maybe a moment that we can all say was filled with an activity that was "just what our soul needed."


Barb said...

Nice blog Sarah - love hearing your thoughts. By the way folks, Sydney smiled at me LOTS last weekend. When I changed her diaper, I told her we could discuss boys when she's older.

Raina and Andy said...

haha love these newsy posts. love the pouty lip. haha.
i agree tho-come on baby H!!!! RR

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

sounds busy. We are loving the spring weather here too! The kids have been outside for hours today and I even got around to planting some flowers my hubby gave me for my birthday in the front flower bed! Can't wait to see pictures of your sling and other fun things you take pictures of outside.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

What are you going to make with your sewing machine?
Spring brings the fever to do house projects, I think I am going to put together a list that we can maybe start this weekend. Although it is a birthday weekend around here so probably not going to go over so well:)

shellycoulter said...

I loved Room! I thought it was so creative & really thought provoking about how I interact with the boys and use my time with them. Hope you love it!


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