Friday, April 8, 2011

CD Review: Yanni - Truth of Touch

I was given another opportunity to review a CD through One 2 One Networking...this time it was a CD by the legendary....

Yanni - you may laugh, my husband did. However, I grew up listening to Yanni with his all white wardrobe and his long hair and mustache...well it has been 8 years since he has put out a CD and he is back...still in white but with WAY shorter hair and just a hint of a mustache.

One of my favorite ways to calm our household around the volatile 5 o'clock hour is with calming music. Piano is what I usually succumb to. However, this new album of Yanni's, titled Truth of Touch, is also a perfect choice. In more upbeat instrumental songs, it uses instruments and sounds in a different and electrifying way.

There are 15 different songs. Only 5 of them have vocals and only three have actual lyrics.

It is easy on your ears, doesn't put you to sleep, and yet is consistent bringing a calmness to our house hold.

Here is one of the songs I grew up loving by Yanni!

If you are looking for something new and exciting to listen to ...Check out Yanni's new CD, Truth of Touch. I know my dad is excited to get his hands on it. :)

Yanni tour dates

Yanni's website!


Raina and Andy said...
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Crystal said...

I used to listen to one of Yanni's CDs ALL the time back in my second year of college. I can't remember the name of it, but it was when he first got popular. SO RELAXING!

Crystal said...

Reflections of Passion! That's it! (Thank God you put a link to his website in your post, or I would have had a sleepless night wondering what the name of that CD was!)

April said...

my kids listen to Yanni as they fall asleep every night! its their favorite sleep music :)

Roz said...

This is too funny...I totally forgot that I used to own Yanni cds. I would listen to them in high school...not something I remember announcing to my peers...ha! I remember having to make an advertisement for a class and I used HIS music in the background of "filming". HA! We are TOO alike!


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