Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tonight when Ed arrives home I know he can tell he needs to tread lightly.  It was a great day, but something has me feeling like falling apart.  He takes bedtime, gives me a hug, and I go snuggle Miss Sydney.


This morning I woke up to a short email from my sister. It asked,

"Are you tired?"

I responded, "why?"

She wrote saying since Sydney was born I have not written to her about being tired from a terrible night of sleep. She knows Sydney is sleeping well. She also knows I am exhausted by the end of the day...but wondered if I was waking up tired.

I thought about it all day. The last week Miss Sydney has been waking up around 2 and 5. (Instead of just 5) I still can't complain. My boys are old enough that they can get up in the morning before Ed leaves and get busy with something. Then I sleep for a bit longer with one ear open. It works pretty slick.

The issue has been that after she gets up and nurses, fast and furious, I can't get back to sleep. I lay awake worrying about things that most likely will never happen or things on my to do list or things I am not doing well enough or friends who could be in labor and I am praying it all goes well. The list goes on. So actually, yes, I have been waking up tired. And it stinks - but I feel like I can't complain because new baby isn't really the one keeping me awake - but rather my own crazy worry wart personality.

Last night I told Ed that I would vow to turn on my book light and read if I came back to bed and didn't think I would fall back asleep.

Tired? Yes, but it typically hits around 4:30 pm when I just want to crawl into a hole and not have anyone demanding a glass of water, a snack, or a meal. Where no one is latched on, or needing a diaper change.

Life is so good...I mean look at this little girl who wore her first dress today. I am in love with these leg warmer things. They work better than tights at this age! I am on the look out for more - if you have a good resource let me know.

So, tired maybe - and tonight, crabby and close to tears but worth it - can't complain.


Raina and Andy said...

i know you're point is that you are super mom b/c I haven't gotten an email describing how you are falling apart. you are super strong. are those leg warmers i gave? i know the ones i gave were striped but wasn't sure if those are them. i got them at target. i'd probably look online otherwise. hope you don't worry tonight. if that's possible for a mom of 3 right? RR

Roz said...

Hang in there. To be tired is human. To complain about it, is also human. I felt this way with all of my newborn babies until about 4 months...then it felt like a sort of cloud lifted and a rhythm came about us (mainly myself). As for the leggings...if you're going to love this link, if I can find it. It's a tutorial in which you use women's thigh high socks. Super easy tutorial. I've made a few pair for Monica. Now...if I can only find that tutorial! You can google "baby legs tutorial" as well.

The Tompkins Family said...

The originals are called Babylegs...they are AWESOME. I think we have 22 pairs and counting?! Anyway, they have a FB page (and a website) and usually have some good sales every few months. Regular price they're quite atrocious. You can also make your own (if you have time, HA!) or buy some on Etsy for super cheap too.

And yes. Momsomnia. I have it. I understand.

Jenner said...

I remember those days. I didn't get on the computer for two weeks after I was home from the hospital. People were appalled.

p.s. Sydney's leggings are so adorable!! (and so is she!)

April said...

Sydney is so cute!!
Being tired at the stage you are in is so normal. You are doing so great!
I also had Babylegs with Anna. Super cute, but I remember them being tight and not lose like the ones Sydney has on. I could be remembering wrong or maybe Anna just had really plump legs :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

you are sooo not alone. I am feeling the EXACT same way. I can't complain either but sometimes I just feel like I need to. :) We've had a stressful time lately with miss Emma being in the hospital and such but I do have some help right now that is getting me through. Hang in there momma. We can do it!


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