Sunday, March 13, 2011

This is how we roll...or rather, wrap...

So the swing batteries didn't hold up one day last week (and I couldn't leave the house to go buy more because we were waiting on the furniture guy to come and look at the lovely rip that Charley made).  A friend messaged me to take the challenge of wearing Miss Sydney during the day for a workout.  I laughed.  I love wearing my babes but, I haven't done it enough yet and all day would probably have done me in.  However, when we are out and about, with my busy boys...wearing baby can be a lot easier than manipulating a massive stroller around or being by baby and boys at a park.  So I am slowly getting my body accustomed to wearing this little baby girl.  I can imagine this summer that it will be how we journey out and about. 

We had a baby Bjorn with Charley.  I got it from my friend Molly and Kim and we used it a ton. 

When Henry went off the charts at 4 months at a whopping 20 pounds and the baby car seat was too small but the kid couldn't sit up in a grocery wearing became a much needed operating system.  I invested in a Kozy after attending a babywearing class with my mother in law. 

My sister let me borrow her wrap that she used with Eli and I tried that this past week and LOVED it!  So secure.  So soft.  And Miss Sydney could peek out at the world. 

So if you stop by our house late afternoon - you will probably find me looking like this...because we are starting the cooking lessons early.  Miss Sydney already was my assistant with pancakes - which is very appropriate since she is named after my Grandma Laverne who was a pancake making genius. 

So blessed to have this new one to try.  And I have another one that a fun blog friend made me.  It is more of a sling.  I am gearing up to have that sized to fit me a bit better and then that too will be added to the mix! 

Do you wear your babies?  What carrier do you LOVE?  There are so many out there and they come in so many fun fabrics.  I could see myself getting addicted to trying them and wanting all the different fabrics! 


Kim said...

you both look so comfy!! I do childcare & have worn different babies in a sling but I always end up w/a sore neck/back the next day so I think a wrap is definately a better option for me (which I haven't tried but seeing you makes me want one).

The Tompkins Family said...

My favorites are the Moby (wrap) and the Beco (carrier). They have been worth every penny!

Danifred said...

I wore Bean in a sling for months. It's how I made it through dinner every single night :)
I just went and searched to share this:
I actually have another one when she was so big I could barely hold her in it.

Shell said...

How sweet! I loved wearing my babies. I always wanted to try an Ergo, but never got one.

For my last, I made my own- it was basically just one long rectangle of fabric that I learned to tie in all different ways. I really liked it b/c it was nice and snug, but I got to pick the fabric and have it be totally unique from what anyone else had!


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