Sunday, March 13, 2011


This post is GREAT!

How to Clutter Your Home from the blog Making this Home

Hoping to find some time to do a mass blogging spree, so I have some fun posts to share this week when life doesn't give up the time I need to write...we'll see.  I tend to post things right off the bat, I just can't wait.  So there might be a flood of posts tonight...we'll see if I can show self control. 

This morning after Sydney slept from 9 until 5:30...yes, that would be 6:30 with the time change folks, she and I discussed what kind of cake we should bake today...we decided a double layer Hersey's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. She cooed back to me and I knew it was something that we had to make time for today. So I will wear her and we will bake.

I also have a fun lava lamp activity to do with the boys. But we'll see..right now they are super energetic and I have no patience for them. So I have locked them in the basement where they are blasting Kid's Bop music.  An occasional slam or bang has us running to the stairs to find them grinning up at us.  I guess they are still alive...go play! 

Ed is taking a shower so he can head off to Target to master another round of grocery shopping for our household. I have my wish list and can't wait to see if he can grant my wishes.

So in between trying to cream my Words with Friends friends and nursing is just another busy Saturday in our house...A decaf vanilla latte would be dreamy - but I will settle for some tea or a cup of hot cocoa, while I roam the house with a black garbage bag decluttering (black, because then the little energetic whiners won't see all the free crap we HAD to bring home and why it doesn't have to live in our home forever - if you read that link up top you will know what I am talking about). 


The Tompkins Family said...

What I wouldn't give for a piece of that cake right now!

Danifred said...

What a great link! I just dumped the girls playroom on Friday and did a big throw away/ donate session. LOVE it!

Katie @ said...

Thanks so much for the link, Sarah. Thinking about clutter in a new way was so much fun. I'm so touched by what you have done here in mentioning it. Thank you.


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