Monday, March 14, 2011

Sydney is 7 weeks.

It is 9pm...however, it feels like 8pm.

I am sitting in our dark bedroom with the light of my laptop illuminating my side of the bed. I wonder if it is keeping Miss Sydney up...she is very busy over in her bassinet...a near 3 feet away. I can see she has kicked her feet hard enough to free her little feet from the white crocheted blanket that we lay over her lower half. Her breathing is excited and her bassinet moves to the rhythm of her breath as she kicks those little feet.

She is a magical little lady who has impressed us with her easy personality. Her content attitude. Her strength. And her beauty.

Her hair is getting a wee bit longer and is actually looking brown...could it be?

Today she wore a onesie and her rainbow striped leg warmers. And man did I smile when her legs were a kick kick kicking. Love those little leg warmers. She is alert and busy for longer stretches during the day but still sleeps on and off for most of the day. During the day she naps in her swing, on me, or in the bouncy seats. I keep saying I will move her up to the crib for naps - prepping her for the big night when she leaves our room and the coziness of the bassinet. But we haven't followed through with this yet.

She is 7 weeks old. And today I read a little blip on an email that I got explaining what milestones she would be hitting this week. And I read it outloud to the boys. Not knowing if they were listening. But later when Charley was talking to his grandma on the phone I heard him explaining that "Sydney will be opening her fists up this week. It is time for her to open her hands and grab things." So this week we will look for this milestone and if it happens we will smile and squeal. And if she waits until next week to open up those precious fists I will be that much more overjoyed. She is still a curled up little newborn to me. When you pick her up from the carseat, swing, or bouncy seat, she keeps her body curled in that tiny little snug ball. Soon enough she will be a much more stretched out little girl. Extending those limbs and reaching for every tiny little Lego, block, and "guy" that surrounds her.

She is sleeping like a champ. All week she slept from 8pm ish....til the three o'clock hour. That slowly moved to the four o'clock hour. And this weekend we hit 5:30. INCREDIBLE! I seriously don't know what to think. Since the boys didn't do that until way after 9 months when we did the whole cry it out thing. She doesn't use a nuk and I wonder if that is part of it. I have no idea - but I will take it and run or rather sleep.  Soundly.

We swaddle her with a blanket, none of those fancy swaddle gadgets, just a soft swaddle blanket that her Grandma Charlie made for her. We swaddle her with her arms in now. And she loves that. I wonder if this long night sleep stretch will mean that she won't hit 20 pounds at four months. Maybe skipping the 3-4 feedings that the boys had will keep her a wee bit more petite for a wee bit longer. Although she nurses quite a bit during the maybe she just knows when to stock up.

Speaking of sleep, the kicking has stopped and the breathing has slowed...and my little neighbor is now sleeping peaceful...maybe my typing put her to sleep.

What else...
She is holding her head up too. Just like her brothers she started doing this the day she was born. And we are careful and right there in case she wobbles...but she prefers to be held up by your shoulder so she can see all over her kingdom, like the princess that she is.

I have my six week check up tomorrow...and that means I will most likely get the okay for exercise...just in time for a nice MN warm up...I will start with walking and hop on the elliptical too ...maybe. If I have time in between polishing off the second package of mini oreos (thanks Nickie) and the chocolate cake that we baked today.

Sydney is taking a bottle wonderfully and I can pump a good 5 ounces from one side in about 5 minutes in the morning. So our freezer is stocked...I think I could actually go away for a night or two at this point. haha!

Miss Sydney - we are so glad you are with us. You are lovely.

You. are. loved.

Pictures will follow later this week.  A new sheepskin blanket from her great Aunt Jane will make for some precious pictures.  Thanks Aunt Jane! 


Laura said...

7 weeks already - wow! My dear PJ is just 4 weeks. I need to go record her milestones. I love reading about Miss Sydney's.

Beth said...

So sweet! Looking forward to the pictures!

Anonymous said...

So big! :) What a good little sister.


Grandma Charlie said...

I can picture Sydney in her bassinet, contentedly going to sleep, no nuk? Wow!

Anonymous said...

i love. really really love the bassinet story. very special. REMEMBER THAT ONE. i try to remember those little snuggles and moments between the kids and i for forever and am always afraid i'll lose them.


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