Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today is the day! Quick update on conquering this day!

So yesterday I wore a pair of my regular old jeans. I was shocked and slightly annoyed when I went to the bathroom to have the added steps of unbuttoning, zipping, and buckling...haven't had to do that in many many months. Gotta love the luxury of maternity pants and their lack of buttons, zippers, and buckles.

We are on our way to conquering our first day without daddy home. I am running on 6 hours of sleep - will this get me through 12 hours of single mommyhood. We'll see!?

So far we got Charley off to school on time. Henry sorted kid laundry into our three new laundry baskets while I nursed Miss Sydney and now Sydney is napping and Henry is enjoying a surprise snack from Grandma Barb...a mini bottle of water and a carton of fishy crackers. He will be busy for a good 20 minutes. Thanks mom!

Last night we made our first run to the doctor's office for Miss Sydney. Her eye has had some gook in it. It was as expected...a blocked tear duct. So happy that I called and got in when Ed could come along. Our neighbor girl popped over and put the boys to bed - a little bit of treat, if I can be so honest.

This morning Charley read half of the book One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. I am so proud of the reader he is becoming. We bookmarked the half way point because learning to read is exhausting and I wanted to end while the reading was good instead of forcing him all the way through.

I have some humorous little stories regarding my super fix it husband. So stay tuned. I think he gave me permission to share :)

Last night I had a few moments where I couldn't fall back asleep right away and I am anxious about that. I know that when she is sleeping I need to sleep and it stresses me out to think about laying awake wasting that time. My blog friend Natasha has spoken of this predicament lately, and she is in the trenches with her new 2 month old. So I am soaking up her experience and it is giving me a potential preview of my next few months. fun to share this time with her.

Can I just say that climbing into bed and being able to toss and turn to find the position that is heavenly is such a treat. I do not miss the belly that made rolling over a major production. However, I do miss the kicks. And looking at Sydney it cracks me up that she was who has been twisting and turning all these months.

More to come, soon...I am hoping! Birth story, what the boys are keeping busy with, fiber muffin recipe, things that are making life easier around here, and a few girly gifts that make me smile!


The Tompkins Family said...

Pre-pregnancy jeans already?! You're a star!

Hope the rest of the day without Ed goes just as smoothly!

The Gardiner Family said...

You looked fantastic prego and now being able to get into preprego jeans is just pretty amazing! That has to be a great feeling!

Can't wait to hear more about your life as a family of five!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Oh I am sooo looking forward to not having to deal with the belly at night. The rolling over is a huge ordeal! I loved your story about your hubby stuck in the ceiling too.


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