Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Failing at many things these days...

I wish...I could sit up until 11 pm like the old days to catch up on what I should have been doing while I blogged midday...or actually blogging in bed while catching up on my soap (I know mindless TV that actually probably kills brain cells - but I love it).  Or emailing back and forth with my sister and mom throughout the day more easily.

Really...I have been enjoying sushi and my first glass of small wine with my husband to celebrate his birthday.  Hitting the pillow at about 9pm in hopes of getting a little more sleep.  Thank goodness for Tivo and weekend nursing when Daddy is around to do projects with the boys so I can catch up on mindless dribble.  And during the day typing with one hand almost sends me into the looney bin...so that just isn't happening.  I am betting my sister's work performance has increased quite a bit since she isn't bugged by my short annoying emails about when the baby is going to arrive, if it will be a boy or girl, and what name we should give it. 

I wish ... the weather was nicer so Henry, Syndey, and I could walk Charley to and from school.  The exercise would do all of us good. 

Really...life is still pretty cold here - but FAR nicer than the past few weeks.  Getting Charley to school is proving to be my hardest part of the day. Not because the kids are tough, but more about getting everything packed up, dressed (mostly me), and out the door on time.  Timing the warming of the car (not so much this week) and the top off nursing session with bundling Henry so he isn't overheating while he waits proves that moms should have a clone or at least an extra arm.

I wish...I could keep my boys safe and protected from all bodily harm that they can do to themselves. 

Really...we have signed Charley up for his annual three lesson downhill ski adventure.  Tomorrow afternoon I will send him or witness him experiencing a joy he has been looking forward to all winter long.  Please pray for him around 1pm.

I wish...the laundry would do it self.  Actually I don't mind sorting the laundry and doing the actual washing (or rather stuffing the machine and turning it on).  But I HATE folding it and I despise putting the laundry away even more.

I wish...I didn't care if the house was a wreck at different times of the day.

Really...I am so proud that in the last 48 hours I have sorted through twelve 18 gallon totes of boy clothes.  I have organized them for selling, donating, friends, and family...and one bin remains in Sydney's closet...filled with items I think she will wear.  This task does mean that other areas of the house have been neglected. 

I wish...I had more time to play with my camera.  I haven't been taking pictures like I should be. 

Really...I have been taking pictures.  I just don't have the patience or time to sit down at the computer to download them and email or post them.  I have friends with three and now I understand why my communication with them has gone way down since their third was born.  It really is true.  The days fly by and there is just too much to do.

I wish...Charley's learning festival project was completed and awesome.  It is due next Wednesday.

Really...we have not even started investigating volcanoes.  It looks like I don't have to worry about entertainment when Uncle Mike and Aunt Becca are here.  We will put our chemical engineer doctor of  an Aunt to work constructing our Volcano model.  (Just kidding) 

I wish...I knew how to do all the things I want to do with my new iPhone - lickety split.

Really...I enjoy learning new things but I just don't have the time right now to sit and play.  I want to know the best way to read blogs on the iPhone...do you use a reader or app for it.  I would also love to know any apps that you can't live without (preferably the free ones!)

I wish...I could have a coffee with some vanilla creamer in it to perk me up in the morning - but I just don't know if the caffeine would impact Miss Sydney's day.  She is too petite and her personality is so easy these days - I hate to mess with what doesn't need messing with.

I wish...I could just nurse all day so I could finish the book I am reading.

Really...I don't want to nurse all day because I honestly feel like I nurse all day.  And that might be painful at a point.  But the book:  The Girl Who Played with Fire is excellent and it makes sitting and snuggling Sydney even more thrilling! 

I wish...there was a button in our fridge that allowed a new gallon of milk to appear when our old gallon empties out.

Really...I will bundle up my three and hit up Target today because I hate being low on milk.  Unless a friend is going to Target and reads this and wants to pick up a gallon of New Horizon skim milk dated for at least a week out.  I will pay you immediately upon delivery with the bonus of a Sydney snuggle and some chocolate thingys that need to get out of our house :)

I wish ... I had a reason to shop for my little girl.  I have the itch to go buy her first three years of clothing right. this. minute.  I can't believe that those sections in the stores will be part of my browsing pleasure.

Really...I am in awe and so thankful for all the friends and family that have sent cozy, cute, and girlie garb for our little gal.  I have no reason to shop for quite a while.  She will know she is loved each day after I change her diaper and doll her up in something adorable!  Thank you notes will begin soon!  I wish I could give each of you a thank you hug and a chance to snuggle Sydney. 

I wish..that while I typed up this lame blog post the boys were able to whip up their own scrambled eggs, eat, and clean up their breakfast.  No such luck. 

Really....Due to this post they will be eating cold cereal with only a tablespoon of milk because - well noted above, we are almost out of milk.  Maybe I will throw them a piece of toast and a banana too. 

I wish...I would make myself sit here and reread this post to make sure I didn't make any errors...but if I do that it will be one more morning where I don't post anything.  So forgive my mistakes!  I will catch them later when I reread this.  Off to bake up some cold cereal and toast.


Anonymous said...

Sooo...do you like the iPhone better than the BlackBerry? I have friends that have/ or have had the iPhone and they like Android phones better and supposedly are edging the iPhone out. What are your initial thoughts?

The Tompkins Family said...

I'm reading The Girl Who Played With Fire also! Just started it the other night. I'd love to neglect almost all of my regular duties to become completely engrossed.

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I am very impressed with the iphone so far! So much better than my blackberry. I feared the touch screen but am handling it wonderfully. Facebook, emails, and blogs appear WAY BETTER on the iphone. I have a mac and so it is REALLY easy to sync up to my ical, iphoto, itunes, etc. All things possible with the other phones but really simple with the apple technology.

If you want to talk more...let me who you are anonymous!

Grandma Charlie said...

Have to totally disagree that you are failing at things these days, just 3 weeks ago you succeeded in bringing Sydney into the world, a beautiful healthy baby girl. And I saw you a few hours after she was born, and you looked great, and so did she!

And your two precious boys were well prepared for you and Ed to be gone in the am, without a care in the world, sat and ate breakfast and discussed what had happened.

You are succeeding with some very important things, all the others will come together in time. Enjoy every minute....

CanadianMama said...

I don't have an iPhone but do have an iPod touch. I use appgreader toview blogs ( use google reader on my comp)
Good apps:
Urban spoon
National post
All recipes

I havent found a blogger app yet so let me know if you find one!

Jen said...

Oh my, I'm pretty amazed by you. I justed looked at my blog reader and I thought about you, "OMG, she's written 18 posts since I caught up on my blogs! How does she do it?" You're wonder woman in my books.

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the E! news app. Ha! Free pop culture updates. :) Way cheaper and faster than a People magazine.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was Kim K. recommending E! news. :)

CanadianMama said...

More apps:
total baby (totally worth the $5.00 and that is coming from a free app lover)
flashlight (great for nursing when you don't really want to wake up - I love it now that Little Bear is old enough to side lay and nurse)
There is also a really cool ebay app (but I can't remember what it's called). Basically if you are shopping you can scan the code of the product you want to buy with your phone. Then it will do an ebay search and tell you if it's cheaper on ebay (and I think amazon too)
Shazam (allows you to hold your phone up to a speaker playing music and it will tell you the song title and artist - you will always win at name that tune now haha)


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