Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clarifying...and a few pictures of Syd!


Life is good.

I was overwhelmed with support, offers to get milk, and reminders that I am doing great.

I didn't mean for that post to come off that way. I guess when I was typing it I was having a moment when I wished I had more time to blog, send pictures, figure out my camera and phone, unload the dishwasher while folding laundry, and get milk...well it just bothers me when we are down to less than an eighth of a jug.

But when it all comes down to it. Baby Sydney is sleeping 3 hours chunks at night. Nursing is getting less painful. The boys are playing great and the warmer temps are allowing for some fresh air. We have gotten out to friends houses, the library, and Target.

Update on the Target excursion...we hit the Valentine section first and the boys then carried confidently their box of Star Wars Valentines. Sydney slept the rest of the way. I had my nursing cover packed, some snacks for the boys in case we holed up in the changing room, and I had the baby bjorn along in case I needed to wear her. We didn't rush. And since she was still sleeping we popped over across the street and each of the boys got haircuts...happy mama (is anyone else a little more crabby when their kids hair is a mop)? I am.

The other night I watched a little of the Grammy's...and I have to say that one of my favorite parts about this stage of having a newborn...watching tv with a little warm miracle snuggled up on my chest. And when she sighs and you get a little whiff of her baby breath..or you snuggle into the swaddle blanket she has used all day...and take a big whiff yourself - the. best. And that is why I wish we lived closer to my great great aunts and uncles. A snuggle with a newborn is sooo good for the soul. Back to the Grammys...I added three songs that I am enjoying these days down below.

So things are good here. I didn't mean to sound like they weren't. I do have moments where some little thing like the fact that I asked Charley THREE TIMES to put away a pair of mittens laying on the floor - get to me and have me snapping a little harshly. But in all honestly, this is our last, and I am taking my friend Jessie's advice and taking in every little moment. And the parenting patience that was birthed with Sydney from me seems to be a little bit more lately. And even though Ed might disagree because I tend to let things out a bit when he gets home...it is when I am home doing this three kid thing on my own when I pull everything out of me to make these days flow smooth and happy.

So no worries. I am not failing. I actually could not ask for a more smooth transition into this parenting of three. Miss Sydney could not be more easygoing. And like any mom to a new baby - you have moments when you yearn for that time to do something for yourself...but actually, I am getting that too. So life is good.

Life. is. Fabulous.

This is how Sydney sleeps a lot of the time during the day! 

Sydney finally got to have her first REAL bath. 

Outing as a family of five...to Fleet Farm...might be my new favorite store.  You can get anything from camo bikinis, to hunting rifles, to toys, to big bags of cashews.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that ed is pushing the cart with syd. just love seeing the daddy with his precious little girl.he's probably going to be such a protective dad. can just see it! and love it!!!! i can imagine the amount of stuff piling up in your heart and mind when you just need a SECOND to yourself. like when i used to knock on the door when mom was going to the bathroom. SO glad Sydney is laid back. can't wait to GET there. RR

Stepping On Cheerios said...

This is the hardest time, it will just get better and better! You ARE doing great:)

Barb said...

Dad wants to come up to see her! When can we schedule this? March? April? Let's coordinate, he wants to get it on our calendar :-) Sydney is her own little person and looks so content.

Anonymous said...

i just looked at this again and LOVE the face she is making during her bath. love love love that she had her own personality and that SHE is HERE> RR

April said...

I miss more blog entries by you lately too but I know you have a lot going on and only have 2 hands :)! I know that will be me in 2 months, kinda scary! You are doing great, she is adorable. I can't imagine having to do all you do in very cold weather. I forget fast what that is like to live in that climate, can't imagine with little ones!
Love seeing the pictures of her!

Danifred said...

I love that everything is falling into place so nicely for you. I can "hear" the joy in your writing!


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