Friday, February 11, 2011

You are in the middle of Target...

And your baby, 20 day old, starts to cry? What do you do?

With Charley and Henry I plopped the magic nuk in and could finish the shop at record speed and sigh with relief.

Miss Sydney doesn't take the nuk yet. So what do I do.

I am gearing up for my first Target run + haircut for the boys this afternoon. I am trying to problem solve all that can go wrong before we get there. What do I do if Sydney loses it half way through. Ed said to cry and roll the cart to a Target employee and tell him I have to leave. Saves us a good 80 bucks at the least. haha!

Any ideas...I have only experience with nuk loving babies.


Anonymous said...

Good question. You could leave the cart and tell them you are coming back later. But first...if it was a real big shop-I would pick her up. Take her out of the car seat and put her close to you to see if you can soothe her without oral stimulation (feeding or nuk). Try the nuk and see if she'll take it when she is most upset. She's tiny enough that her little cries won't bother people for the first 5 minutes. If she doesn't settle in 5 min, I would pick her up if you want to stay. If you don't, ask if they can save your cart full of stuff (if it's full) and tell her you'll come back. Maybe she'll sleep through it all? You are solike me...looking for a solution to a problem before it happens. It's helpful sometimes right?!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

I say take her out and try holding her or what about a baby sling?
Maybe she doesn't like the nuk brand you gave her, could try others for the future.

All else fails, get what you absolutely need right away, then see how it goes. If you need to, check out with what you have, doesnt' take that long. You can have the boys help, so you can hold her.

Newborn babies aren't what make people nuts in stores, it is the 2 year old or 3 year old throwing a complete meltdown. And to that I still look at those parents and give that smile that says I am sorry you are having a bad time today, so been there.

The Tompkins Family said...

I always take a carrier with me as a backup. Usually the only way either of my girls would settle is if I admitted defeat and took them out of the car seat. At least with a carrier, your hands can remain free!

I agree with above...people don't mind newborn cries. They stare more when it's a toddler meltdown!

shellycoulter said...

Take a sling or babybjorn carrier with ya! :)

Does your Target have a snack bar? You can always take a break to nurse her there and get the little guys a snack. Our target snack bar actually offers pretty good choices for snacks.

She will likely wake up and be so overwhelmed by the enormity and the lights of Target that she will just drift back off to sleep!

Like everyone else said...her cries will just make people smile because I'm sure they are so sweet sounding!

The Gardiner Family said...

The pharmacey area has a bench too and I used to nurse Charley there if I had too.

Charley didn't take a paci until 6 months and I used to try and go after she ate and hoped she would sleep in her carseat the whole time.

Good luck and take your camera! I took a picture of our first target trip!

Anonymous said...

this is maybe pointless since you're already home from target..hahaha...but here's my advice:
-take her out of carset and hold her or have your wrap/sling on under coat and ready.
-rock the cart side to side a little bit
-have a soothing sounding music playing toy in the carseat next to her that you can turn on.
-"swaddle" (as best as you can with a strapped in baby) into her carseat real tight with arms down at her sides--tucking the blankie under her bum (thinner blankie)
if you EVER need help living sans let me know. lily NEVER took one and it made me realize I CAN DO THIS without one.
good luck!

Danifred said...

With the first I would have left, with the second, I just worked through it and tried not to sweat. It's never easy though.

Shell said...

I'd probably try wearing her, too.

Barb said...

As Danifred said above - I sweat a lot when I did this, literally! It's hard too in this cold weather, you can hardly go sit in the car and nurse her because you'd freeze. I heard you had a successful trip though, so life goes on and Target will call you back. What a good shopper Sidney has started out to be.

Anonymous said...

Hey! At least you made it to Target. I was too afraid to even leave the matter what you do, it's better than just staying home. :)


Cara R. said...

Seems like you already made it successfully, though I haven't personally found proof of that. Haha! I was going to say that, if you find that you *have* to nurse her, try sitting it out in the dressing room. The snack bar is a great suggestion too unless you're clumsy like me. The whole latch on/latch off process was always a wee bit tenuous in public. But, while baby was on, I was fine!

My 3rd started to take a paci. Then, at about two months (which is also when he became very fussy), he spat it across the room and wouldn't take it again. Aarrgh! He wouldn't self-soothe with his fingers either! Double Aarrgh!

Anonymous said...

so..........what happened? RR


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