Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday thoughts...

Don't forget to enter to win one of these Udderly adorable nursing covers! Even if you don't nurse your baby...they work great to drape over your babywearing contraption or stroller so the sun is off of them.

Did I celebrate with you the news that Henry is now wearing big boy underwear to bed at night. We have not had any accidents all week. After having one to many pull ups go through the washing machine I realized...he wakes up dry...why aren't we enjoying the NO DIAPERS for a couple weeks!

My mom and dad sent Henry his birthday present and when he opened the box - out popped a helium filled balloon. So fun! Unfortunately our boys are past the sitting and being entertained by pulling on it or carrying it around. Now they want to box it and other rough things. But what a fun idea!

Baby has really slowed down on it's moving and kicking and it has me feeling really anxious. I know they rest before the big day...but this would be so early for me. I know they also run out of space. Just makes me nervous.

My brother is visiting today. Fun to see him and Liz! The boys are excited too!

Last night before bed I paired up every pair of socks I own and got rid of pairs I have not worn for a year. I also did all my dresser drawers and they are all organized now. Ed just shakes his head as he leaves me to my nesting projects.

Looking forward to a warm beverage and sitting with my playgroup this morning. Love the chit chat and relaxed atmosphere of just hanging out in someone's kitchen or living room.

I am thinking that some of my boys behavior problems have to do with the weather that has been too cold for outside play. I am tempted to look into a gymnastics class or something. They need to run, leap, twirl, and spin.

I miss green grass. Some of the blogs I follow live where there is still green grass. I miss clean cars and green grass.

One of my new years goals is to create lunches for my husband so he isn't having to grab something on the go during the day. I have made his lunch 2 times this week. He made it once and he didn't need one once. Yipee! Speaking of making lunches...coming soon to For the Love of Naps...I will share some fun lunch ideas for kids and dads that fit into these nifty containers!  She is sending me a set to try out!  So excited! 

Happy Thursday!   Oh, my gosh!  It is Thursday already - that means tomorrow is Friday and I am 38 weeks!  That means I only have like 2-3 weeks of being a mom of just two boys!  Yikes! 


Shell said...

Oh, my...or even less! You could go any day, girl!

P.S. I love those easy lunchboxes. Makes packing my oldest's lunh SO EASY!

Rebecca said...

I am getting excited for you!!!

No diapers = Heaven, right?

I agree about clean cars...I'm jealous. Hailey is starting a dance class next week, but I haven't found anything for Matt. I'm really trying not to overschedule, so he told me that he'd just run...fine by me.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Fun idea about the balloon. But yes I have experienced the punching bag phenomenon. And anything Hayden does, Maddy has to do:)


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