Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do you realize...

Do you ever have moments when you realize that you are an adult?
That the halls you walk down at your job are real?  You have a purpose?

Do you have a living space (whether it be an apartment, townhouse, or house) that is yours?
Do you look around and think, my kids are going to remember this place, this home, and these house furnishings as their home?

Do you realize that the traditions you start and carry on are the ones they will decide to continue or disregard later in life?

Do you realize that the things you say and do give your children the foundation for where they begin as little human beings and from that foundation they will build their life?...and do you pray that they let you be apart of it?

Do you realize that you make the meals that will be their favorites or the ones they crave when they think of "home" are what you make often?

I have moments where I realize that the "mama!"  "mama."  "Mom"  that is being repeated 100s to 1000s of times a day is meant for me.  That I am the person who has this role and this responsibility. 

It is enormous.
It is big.
It is the job that I should take the most pride in during my lifetime.
And even if things seem like sacrifices from time to time...or if things are so crazy at times that I think I am losing my footing and am missing all that is important....
I am not. 
Because the journey is in the ride and the ride includes each emotion, mood, and feeling.  It includes each experience.  And boy, realizing that from time to time is overwhelming.

So as I walk back from getting the mail at dusk, and I see the house lights lit and the little heads bebopping by the front window.  Stepping inside I hear "MAMA!  LOOK AT!" with the quiet piano music in the background and the rice meatballs simmering on the stove...I will pause and just take it in.  I am a mom.  A real mom.  A real wife.  And this is my life.  And it is good. 

**The two links about sacrifices and crazy up above in the post are posts that I LOVED this week.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

great post!

Drew's Mom said...

LOVE THIS!! I sure do have those moments.. and I love every single one. I love the reminders of my role in my sons life. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the FOREVER responsibilities that come with our amazing role as Mommy. Just the other night while making dinner I was wondering if one day my son would remember these dinners and which would be the ones he would tell his kids that Mom made best. I appreciate my role as Mom.. as well as the great job MY mom has done in her role.

Danifred said...

Okay, blogger keeps eating my comments, so here goes one more try...

I totally agree with you. Thinking of everything that we are responsible is overwhelming, but also very, very amazing!

Barb said...

Great post! You are ready for #3. When I talk to you on the phone and listen hard, I can hear those two boys be-bopping and chattering away in the background, love it, ahhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

you and your family are so freaking cute. the boys and ed and also your mom and sister. SUCH a special family. i literally am thankful for knowing you all every single day. and i'm serious.
ps-rice meatballs (an old family favorite in your house) has now become a staple in ours :)


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