Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflections: Reality with a side of Grace

At the "Big Brother Class" they gave some sibling relationship handouts and for the 6 year old description it said:

Things usually take a turn for the worse in sibling relationships as in other things.  A six year old not only "bosses", hurts, and fights with younger siblings, he tattles on them, "eggs them on," insists they are cheating, and seems to like to see them punished or scolded.  He quarrels a good deal with older siblings, gets into their things, pesters them and refuses to mind them.

Grace - knowing it isn't something we are necessarily doing in our house but rather a stage of development that is relatively normal.  Sigh.


Yesterday while Henry was going potty he shouted, "Mama, there is chocolate in my underwear."

Grace- I was able to explain that it wasn't chocolate before he taste tested. Sigh.


Last night we had a babysitter come so Ed and I could go to our first photography class at the store where we bought our new camera.  The boys had just had the babysitter on Sunday when Ed and I escaped to the movies.  So they were excited for more time with her.  Ed and I were blown away by the class.  The teacher was entertaining and FULL of insight.  I asked a few questions and am so inspired to play around with some new settings. 

Grace- Taking advantage of as many dates as we can these last couple weeks before baby arrives because we know it will be a long time before we are ready to leave our baby + 2 with a teenager again. 

Also, the excitement I feel these days about pushing my mind to learn something new. Aperture, ISO, shutter speed, composition, lenses, etc....just so much to learn and little by little I find that I am understanding things just a tiny bit more each time I read, watch, and take pictures.


Bedtime used to be a favorite time for Ed and I.  We used to read read read to Charley and didn't mind how long it took.  These days we are itching to be done.  And we notice that our attitude is probably spurring some of the behaviors that are drawing out the bedtime routine.  So we have decided to go into the bedtime hour thinking that it is going to take more like an hour - rather than 10 minutes.   We figure we will be surprised if we get out of there earlier, while hoping that slowing down and savoring this time of the day settles them down a little more, making things naturally just flow better.  Easy to commit when you have a babysitter coming to do the duty. haha!  But tonight we will give each other a knuckle tap and enter the boys bedroom calmly. 

Grace - Having a husband that is able to realize and problem solve our parenting stages and struggles.  And having a husband that is involved in the bedtime routine. period.  I hear of many husbands that don't get involved.  I am blessed.

Yesterday Henry and I baked brownies and peanut butter cookies.  I figure I only have a couple more weeks of indulging in treats without worrying about the impact.  So I am enjoying. 

Grace- having my friend Kim send me a delicious (supposedly) recipe for fiber filled muffins that she says taste delicious.  She said the batter keeps in an ice cream pail for up to 6 weeks!  So guess what we will be shopping for next time we go to Target (and no Raina we aren't going today, we already went on Sunday).   Love that I have friends who are thinking of me and helping me satisfy my baking bug without the calories, my post baby possible pooping issues (come on ladies, you know what I am talking about),  and the fact that breakfast gets served here some days for more than 2 meals...and muffins would be a welcome addition to the selection. 


The last couple mornings Charley has woken first (6:40ish) and has tip toed out of his bedroom, instead of running, and gone downstairs without waking Hank.  Hank then wakes around the 7am hour.  And our day begins. 

Grace- Realizing that everything ebbs and flows and morning wake up times are not set in stone.  And for this week it is going really well.  Sigh.


Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog. Even though I have heard most of this (But not the chocolate in the underwear story!) already, i loved how you organized and worded it all. makes me realize mroe and more about myself when i read you realizing your grace! so thank you. RR

Barb said...

thank you God for everything

Crystal said...

Loved this post - I know what you mean about the bedtime routine thing. I really need to adjust my expectations on that one too because I find myself getting annoyed even though I don't want to. I should really relish that time with the kids, it will be gone way too fast.

I'm way behind in my reading and just catching up now - love the 38 week picture and looks like the big brother class was a lot of fun! This new baby will be here before you know it! Can't wait to hear about it and to see if you have a boy or girl!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

very cool post. You are so good at jotting things down and remembering things from your day. My mind seems too scrambled and jostled by the time I sit down to blog that my posts never seem to flow out as smoothly as yours are to read. Way to go!


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