Sunday, January 9, 2011

How are you peeling?

So the other day the boys were looking for a snack.  So I told them they could grab a carrot from the veggie drawer, use a peeler to clean it, and munch away.  Henry immediately grabbed a peeler stood in the middle of the kitchen and went to town.

He was so proud I couldn't help but laugh...but then I wondered...if someone saw this scene would they think that this is how I do it too.

The other day the neighbors laughed and told me that Charley explained that if food fell on the floor in our house we had the 5 minute rule.  They laughed because knowing me they know that there would not be a 5 minute rule  and obviously Charley just got the minute/second thing wrong.

However, if they saw this mess...they might have believed what Charley said a little more easily. 


Danifred said...

Absolutely awesome!

The Tompkins Family said...

5 minute rule...too funny!!!

Shell said...

Ha! Ours probably is more like 5 minutes.


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