Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our baby space

As we prepared to become first time parents we didn't know if we would be blessed with a girl or boy. I fell in love with the idea of a calm, cool, blue nursery - even if we had a girl - I wanted that space to be fresh and tranquil and blue was the color that did that. When we moved to our current house I wanted to keep the nursery blue - so we found a similar blue and went for it again. I loved it.

We moved Charley to a big boy room when we were expecting our second. Number two was a surprise too and we stuck with the blue. I always assumed we would accent with some pink if a girl was what we were given.

As we wait for this third little miracle to arrive I am amazed that this blue nursery is still where I want to rock my third baby. I couldn't capture the blue correctly when snapping these pictures. But I think you can catch a taste of it. Here are just a few glimpses of the space waiting to be invaded by a little bean that is going to be swaddled up into a little burrito.   A little burrito who will give this room the scent of baby. 

These tiny bows are the only new thing we have added to this room so far.  A friend of my sister's (and mine) gifted me with these two little hair clips...just in case we have a girl (thank you Peggy). 


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i could sleep like a baby in that room :) and i'm a girl....wonder what you're having every single day. everything looks brand new. and soft. and special. RR

Barb said...

My phone buzzed last night and I thought for sure I needed to get up and grab my overnight bag! Ahhhh this baby too will be loved to the max and sleep like a little tiny bundle in that room.

Shell said...

It looks so tranquil. Is that like a periwinkle blue? That is what we went with for our first nursery and I loved that room.

The Tompkins Family said...

The room is gorgeous! We too ended up with a blue nursery...and had a girl. We kept it that way, it's so tranquil.

Kasey said...

Love it! Looks like the baby is all set to have some wonderful dreams!

shellycoulter said...

Awww...I love this! :) The anticipation is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Baby is almost here! I'm so excited! Love that ready for baby! :)


Kelly said...

Sarah! I LOVE it.. There is no way I could go 9 months not knowing what I'm having! I like to plan, but I find it VERY exciting when other people do. When exactly is your due date again?
PS I'm in love with your diaper bag :)

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

very cute! I am at a loss when it comes to getting the "babies" room ready. Whatever the little one ends up being determines whose room he/she will be in. sigh.... Love the little bows on the blinds though. cute cute.

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Love it! Blue is my favorite color! If you do have a girl, you can add little splashes of pink easily enough. More hair bows...a little pink dress hung on the wall...etc.

With my first, I didn't know what I was having, but I just *knew* it was a girl. It was! My Mom made all the Precious Moments blankets and decor from scratch. (Back then, I couldn't find PM pre-made!) The main color was blue, albeit slightly toward an aqua hue. All the little ribbons and accents were pink. But those could have been changed easily enough if I'd had a boy.

#2 and #3 were boys. Mom made a few additional PM items that were a bit more boyish looking...and changed out the pink ribbons, of course!


Can't wait until your little peanut is here! Two of my blog buds had babies last month. One had a *big* girl...and the other had a *teeny* boy. LOL!

Roz said...

Wow...we are very similar! Our kids' nursery looked much like this before they arrived!! There's something soothing about a neat row of miniature diapers, no? My favorite is how the board books in the mini stacks show slight signs of "love" for this third baby.

Beautifully done.

Danifred said...

How beautiful and tranquil! Love it!

Latwan said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful post. The room looks so tranquil and as though you took special care with every detail.



Anonymous said...

the blue room is perfect. perfect for any baby..any gender...any name. just perfect. i agree with RR..i would like to sleep in that room! glad the bows are getting use already!! ps-i love the little white nightstand setup. really love it. sooo cute how you have everything ALL SET!!


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