Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have a winner...

Amy K. who gave the reminder: It's #3!! You're a pro now!! Just enjoy every minute!! Amy K

Not sure if that is really advice, but it is a good reminder that we raised two boys who have survived 3-6 years with us as parents. And for sure I will try and savor every second, since this is our last.

Please let me know whether you would like a girl or boy set/outfit and what size you would prefer! You also need to email me your home address so I can forward it on to Organically Grown so they can send it your way!  You can visit their website to see what sizes they offer.  If your child is still a toddler you can send that as your first choice.  I am not sure if they are committed to an infant set.  Doesn't hurt to try! 

I loved all the advice, but Peggy's reminder about not focusing on the last time we will experience some of these things and rather remembering that these are firsts for this little miracle is a great state of mind. I think it will keep the attitude more positive as milestones are met...instead of feeling depressed.

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