Friday, December 10, 2010

Organically Grown Infant Set Giveaway!

A while back I was asked to review an adorable outfit from the Organically Grown Lifestyle Clothing.  You can find that review here.

This season, their infant collection includes soft and cuddly outfits for baby at great prices! Their three-piece organic bodysuit sets are the perfect holiday gift, at only $20! Rounding out the line are gown, hat, and blanket sets, and a delightful variety of outfit sets for boys and girls.  Here are two of their winter sets. 

Recently, they asked if I wanted to spread the word about their current styles available online.  They also are offering one of you to win one of their popular infant outfits or sets.  They can't guarantee which one due to the busy holiday season.  Just know that when you visit their website you can see that any or all are adorable.  The winner will be asked to share the size and sex of your baby...or the baby you are thinking of gifting it to!  And they will have one of their adorably, soft, organic cotton sets in your mailbox before you know it.  Sounds like a fun surprise this time of the year....and being 34 weeks pregnant has me scouting out cozy little outfits to bundle this new little miracle in. 

Why consider organic when it comes to clothing:

According to the Organic Exchange, over 456 million pounds of pesticides are applied onto conventional cotton each year, of which seven are on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of the top ten pesticides which are known, probable, or likely carcinogens. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, making it healthier for both the environment and the farmers. With products by ORGANICALLY GROWN, there is no need to compromise between your budget and your conscience. - information obtained from the Organically Grown Company

So if you have a new little one to shop for your own or a friend or relative's....remind me what we have gotten ourselves into with this third little "thumper" who will be joining us in just a few weeks!?  What advice do I need to be reminded of...

And don't say 'sleep when baby sleeps' because that just isn't possible with my other two busy boys in the picture...both not napping...For the Love of Naps!   

This giveaway will end on Tuesday at 9 pm! 


Barb said...

Reminders -- make sure #2 is special in the new adventure (#1 will do this himself) and you are caught up on his baby book. Get ready to photograph #3 and document everything because sometimes #3 doesn't get as many photos taken.

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

my advice is:
-take plenty of pictures and spur of the moment video
-enjoy enjoy ENJOY the curly up, snuggly, deep sleeping baby stage! miss that already
-focus on doing this and that for the FIRST time with this baby instead of thinking you're doing it for the last time with a baby of your own.

April said...

I would say, to keep a sense of humor. I am going to have to remind me and my husband of this when #3 arrives and we aren't getting sleep, when the baby cries, when the other 2 are crying, one in school, homework to be done, tball to go to, and all other things that keep us busy and crazy :)

Anonymous said...

I would recommend sending your husband on errands with #1 and #2 so you can have some alone, quiet time with #3. He/she deserves that. Also, take pictures of #3 WITHOUT #1 and #2 in it so he/she can see what they were all about without the other siblings taking the light. (Take pictures of them together too). oh yeah and don't forget that glass of wine at about 5 o'clock when you're waiting for the husband to get home. :)
How can I give advice...I only have 1! Raina

The Gardiner Family said...

I would save tv time for when you need to feed the baby, so that way if you fall asleep nursing maybe you will get a 20 minute cat nap!

But I know babies eat all day long, so just know that it is ok for the tv to be on more than normal. :)

Lynelle said...

aaahhhh, it's becoming more real. I am starting to remember some of the not so fun things...lack of sleep, all those diaper changes. We haven't had diapers in our house for almost 4 years. But it will all be worth it for a new little bundle of joy.

Love the little onesies!

Anonymous said...

Treasure every moment with your baby, make #2 feel like a big helper getting/picking out diapers, etc., #1 will probably really be a big helper like my #1 is even though they are 5/6 years old, they are great helpers (making sure baby doesn't eat small things, holding baby on their lap on the floor, etc). The beginning might be tough getting used to 3 and not having much "me" time, but it gets better! Enjoy and can't wait to hear the wonderful news!!! Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

It's #3!! You're a pro now!! Just enjoy every minute!! Amy K

Cheryl said...

I'm in a similar situation--we're expecting #2 with a 16 month old. I figure if I can get through the first year or so, then my kids can play together!

Megan said...

Enjoy those first few cuddly months and don't feel guilty taking time for yourself! I have two boys- 2 & 1/2 and 18 mos. so my little was still little when his brother came. Love the pics of Henry gazing adoringly at Charley. my littlest, Elias, constantly asks where his older brother is- all day long! So fun for your boys to have a little sister on the way- don't worry too much about the time that you won't be available for them. You're giving them such a special gift in another sibling!They will love her so (also gives me hope that a girl is still possible in our frat house!)!


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