Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday thoughts...

1.  35 weeks today!  Moving right along. (pictures soon!) I have high expectations for these next 5 weeks.  Good one on one time with Henry in the mornings and working out a way to give Charley some one on one time (With Henry not napping it has become difficult).  Slowing down and getting ready to hunker down with newborn and doing less out and about. 

2.  Doctor gave the okay for some of our holiday travel.  Lots of walking breaks.  But so excited to see my family and be home for a little holiday festivities.

3.  Last night we had a scrumptious dinner with some of the people from Ed's work.  So honored to be invited and indulge in the filet you can cut with a butter knife, the sea bass topped with scallops, and the ice cream pie with meringue top.  Wonderful people all connected by a company that values family.

4.  Packing up my new camera for the holiday travel.  Excited to play around with it.  When in doubt...I will shoot in auto.  But I have already gotten brave and have been using the program mode which allows for some experimenting! 

5.  I am about to order our holiday cards.  WOO HOO!  I am late this year.  But they will get delivered, eventually.  This time of year the plodding out to the mailbox is so much more fun.  I love the picture updates, the letters that share the years comings and goings, and the idea that people still send snail mail!

6.  I have not been great about blogging this week.  I am almost all set for the and baking are pretty much complete.  So hopefully next week there will be a little more action on here. 

7.  Time to eat a peanut butter sandwich and get myself busy getting organized and showered.  The doc said I can't get enough protein these days...which would explain the need/craving to eat peanut butter by the spoonful and the excitement I had when I imagined the fancy red meat served at dinner last night. 

8.  Happy weekend before the Jolly Red Suited Man comes to visit.  May your weekend be filled with moments that remind you that life is good and a smile takes less muscles than a frown! 


April said...

Glad you get to travel! Have a wonderful time.
Did you eat your steak medium? I love my filet medium rare but get nervous to do it when I am pregnant. Kevin's Christmas party is tonight and I am soooo looking forward to the rare filet I get to eat....should I?

shellycoulter said...

35 Weeks?! Wow ---that flew by! Have a great Christmas vacation!


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