Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remember to take a moment...

for yourself.
During this time of year - we women need just a moment.

Maybe you can steal one before everyone wakes in the house. 
Maybe it is after everyone is in bed and you let the dinner dishes sit until the next day.
Maybe you put on an extra cartoon for your littles and put your feet up.
Maybe you swap kids with a friend and wander a bookstore - with no agenda for 25 minutes.
Maybe - you just tell everyone you will be back in 15 and close your bedroom door or sink into a bubble bath. 

Just remember to take a moment for yourself.
Realize another year has gone by and the magical holiday season is upon us.  
And though there are so many things to fit in and accomplish -
it is so important to take note of this chapter in life.
The age of your children, the stage they are at, the time you have given your spouse, the last time you talked to an elderly relative, a stolen moment to chat with a girlfriend, and just realizing as you walk back from your mailbox (hopefully with a fun holiday picture card from a friend) you look at your house and realize that it is real.  
It is yours. 
It is filled with a life you have built.
It is filled with people who are waiting expectantly for your return - even if it was only for a moment you stepped out. 
It is filled with your story. 
Just make sure you take a moment for yourself.
You deserve it. 

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