Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Karma? - you tell me mom.

So growing up I used to really annoy my mom, not that I intended to do this, by wiping my face after brushing my teeth without rinsing my face off.  So I would leave a big smear of toothpaste on the towel.  It drove her nuts.  It was a bad habit of mine - and just something that came naturally to me. I know, I know, really gross.

Could this be KARMA? 

This is the sink in my boys bathroom?

Whether this is KARMA or what...not loving it!

Any karma in your life these days? 

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Lynelle said...

That is what my girls sink looks like too. Drives me nuts!!

Anonymous said...

haha. ithink it's only going to get worse the more independent they get. When you aren't there to pick up their every "move" (aka mess) you'll find it 10 minutes after they are out the door or in bed! funny that you took a picture. just like i took a pic of our messy floor the other day. RR

The Gardiner Family said...

so funny! my girls sink looks that way....except instead of blue toothpaste, there is pink toothpaste all over!

Maria said...

My daughter gets toothpaste all over the towel too! She has been wanting the toothpaste squeezer thingie fromt he infomercials for a year now, so she is getting it for Christmas, LOL.

Barb said...

...yes, and what I want to know is, Sarah, have you stopped wiping the toothpaste on your towel? Love you~~~


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