Friday, December 17, 2010

Links I Love

Love her thoughts on the lies we tell as parents...especially when it comes to Santa. Love the last line in the post.

This one tugged my heart.

The 12 drinks of Christmas...need I say more.  If I wasn't pregnant I think Ed and I would be having fun with this blog (she is posting a new cocktail each day)!

Mommy is a Person!  At a recent meal I pointed out to Charley that mommy and daddy are eating too.  And now he says, "Can I have more milk, please?  I can wait until you are done."  So happy. 

And if you didn't check out the link on the earlier post...This article in the New York Times titled, A Spiritual Defense of Gifts has some great thoughts on how if we change our thinking 364 days a year, then this one day a year when the gift giving and receiving can at times take over - well that it can be okay.

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Danifred said...

I always enjoy these posts, it's so nice to click around and read some new blogs!


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