Friday, December 17, 2010

The joy of giving

As a parent of two very excited little boys, one of my biggest wishes for these next two weeks is that they show grace and gratitude for all that they are gifted (without me saying, "What do you say?").  I also have big hopes that they find the spirit within themselves to get excited about the giving. 

I have spent time shopping with them.  I let them help me wrap - which means our gifts aren't perfectly or stylishly wrapped...but they are symbols of Independence, love, and hopefully joy as they will remember what is in them and who they go to.

There have been many bloggers who have posted tips on helping children show gratitude, feel joy in giving, and appreciate all that they have in life.  As a child I remember "the talk" we got every time we were about to arrive at a holiday party.  And now I find myself saying the same things my mom did.  A quick idea to chat about on your way to a holiday party can be found here, titled 3 Steps to Joy.  But this article is also a great reminder of how the act of giving and recieving around this time of year can impact the rest of the year....made me think...

But on one of the blogs I follow, Inspire Mama, she posted this video and I think it is an emotional reminder that there are people all over our city, state, country, continent, and world who are in need of some of the basic daily items we take for granted.  Bless this man for being who he is and choosing to do what he does.  May we all find a way to give back. 

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