Thursday, December 9, 2010

Legos, friends, and Santa...

This past weekend the new Lego Store opened at the Mall of America.  We had no interest in the crowds this past weekend, but when I realized that Charley had today off of school we found some fellow Lego loving friends and ventured there...bright and early. 

The store was impressive.  There were windows and windows displaying things like this...the expensive sets of Lego's built so you could see the awesome possibilities. 

This is Henry's good buddy.  The significance of this picture is more about the camera.  Yesterday I got my Christmas present...a new DSLR camera.  I have a TON to learn...enough that I think I had some contractions last night realizing how overwhelming the gift was.  But I have wanted to give one of these a try for about 3 years.  And Ed calmly relaxed me by saying that I should take it slow, put it in auto, and I will learn it as I go.  So today I took it with us on our outing and puttered with it.

I puttered with the camera while the boys were in heaven puttering with the Legos.


After visiting Lego Land we ventured over to the amusement park to use a few free ride tickets.  While walking over we ran into the Big Man in the Red Suit.  There was no line.  The boys weren't expecting the meeting.  And maybe that was why it went so well...instead of leaving the house with the overwhelming expectation of meeting this awe inspiring man...we just ran into him and decided to go for it.  As moms, out with our boys, we did pause and contemplate if our husbands would be sad to miss...and then both said that the three hour line for an over-priced picture on a Saturday  ...where the long wait builds the fear...was not all it was cracked up to be.  This was going to be better.  So we did it - and I don't think Ed was disappointed a bit when I told him.  He right away mentioned the horrendous line. 
Because I only had my new camera, I did my best to figure out the focus etc.  And capture the moment.    I even handed my camera off to the elf and had her take a picture of us moms.  The whole Santa visit cost us nothing - and we were able to take our own pictures - which was a gift! 
So excuse their winter hat hair and not so fancy outfits. 

While they chatted Henry's hand found his way to Charley's shoulder.  And the gesture made my heart pound with such mommy pride.  I love that they are such tender brothers. 


And to think that next year there will be three smiling back at me on Santa's lap! 

Two moms who enjoyed the smiles of their boys, a latte, a slice of pizza, and a moment with Santa. 


Anonymous said...

Super cute Santa pictures! Love that it was an easy visit. :)


Anonymous said...

soooooooo excited about your new camera. i always thought your pictures were can they get any better? MERRY christmas Sarah!

The Gardiner Family said...

Excited for you and your new camera!

I am also jealous about your easy visit with Santa, I didn't know anyplace that will let you take a picture with your camera with Santa. Good to know for next year!

Danifred said...

What a wonderful set of photos!

Barb said...

Wow! My heart is tugging.......

Grandma Charlie said...

Mine too, Grandma Barb! Those are the best Santa pictures because they're so real, love them!!

Congrats on the new camera too.


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