Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday - four quick thoughts!

1.  Just saw this idea  linked on a favorite blog...
Could this keep your kids busy decorating and playing in it for hours...I think Santa might need to bring this...or is it too late. hmmm  Or maybe for Henry's birthday!  YES!   This might be a great birthday gift.

2.  While brushing my teeth this morning I looked down and noticed two big dribbles of toothpaste had decided to reside on my soon to be breastfeeding boob and my belly that I swear expanded last night and feels so tight and hard;  I can't imagine it making it another month.  The sad part...I am wiped it off and am wearing it anyways, even with the faint blue marks, because when you are down to your last month of pregnancy --you have only 4 shirts and if the 3 others are in the laundry...well then...toothpaste embellishments are the accessory for today.  Do you have yours on?

3.  On facebook many friends are saying they have 800 lights on their tree!  WHAT!?  I came down this morning to see how many boxes we put on...3...60 lights each...we are happy with our 180.  But I did notice a box my husband didn't put on...might have to throw those on so we can at least say we are a 240 Christmas light family! 

Time to roll...Charley to school.
Henry's class.
I drive carpool bring home today for Kindergarten.
Decorating the tree this afternoon.
And then the countdown to bedtime - because when we are at 120 minutes and counting - a mama's heart often times gets a burst of patience that allows everyone to survive and thrive for those last two hours. 


Danifred said...

How in heaven's name does anyone get that many lights on a tree. It almost seems impossible!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

We have 600 lights on our tree, 100 lights a string is only 6 strands. It is the reason I put the lights on the tree and my hubby won't have anything to do with it.

How is it possible? I actually take the time to wrap the lights around the branches. I prefer that, the tree twinkles from within.

I can totally see that if you had a 7 foot or 8 foot tree it being possible to have more lights:)


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