Tuesday, December 7, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

It is that time of year when people are asking for gift ideas.   It is also cold and you tend to be cooped up just a little bit more.  So I have selected a few of my favorite things that you might consider for your Christmas list.  They are all things that I either can't live without, enjoy, or hope to get this holiday season! 

1.  My Ugg boots were a splurge a couple years ago.  It took me a year or two to brave the cost and get them.  But I can say that I have had these suckers for 2 years and they have worn wonderfully.  The style hasn't changed much so they are still current.  I wear them most days without socks and they actually keep my feet warmer when I don't wear socks.  I do this when I shove them on to run Charley to school or to the grocery store - because I like bare feet with slippers around the house. 

2.  When I mention feeding my kids lunch in muffin tins most people say their muffin tins are so baked in they couldn't serve lunch in them without cringing at the site of the pans.  So why not throw a couple new tins on your list so you have a couple for serving your children lunch in! 

3.  If you have kids and they are open to eating the skin of an apple...then maybe your only issue is coring the apple.  I got this apple corer from my mom - and she got it from Pampered Chef.  My boys love when I core the apple and then slice it so they get donut apple slices.  Or when I send an apple to school with Charley...coring it keeps it from turning brown all over like when I slice it. 

4.  I love a yummy Cafe Latte...especially a vanilla latte... but they are a significant splurge because the cost can be pretty steep when you indulge at a favorite coffee house.  But this time of year treating your self to an occasional warm yummy drink can make you feel cozy inside...even when you are heading to the dreaded office or are venturing to the doctor's office with one crabby sick child.

5.  Christmas music rocks out in our house throughout the day.  And I have fallen in love with the show Glee.  I didn't watch it last season but caught up this summer when they reran it.  Now I look forward to the quirky show on Tuesday nights.  This CD is an upbeat selection of holiday music.  My friend Paula recommended it to me and I am so glad she did!  SO FUN! 

6.   This shampoo and conditioner is my current favorite.  It is Coconut Milk Shampoo by Organix.  When you use it the scent makes you think of being on a tropical vacation...and this time of year is the perfect time for that fantasy!  It is available at Target and it runs about 5-6 dollars a bottle. 

7.  I have had many people ask how I make my photo collages or what I use to edit my pictures.  I subscribe for about $25 a year to http://www.picnik.com/ .  It is also available for free, buying the membership allows you more options for collages and editing.  It is really easy to use.  LOVE it! 

8.  Last Christmas I got this planner from Ed's mom.  It was my favorite gift last Christmas and I have used it and loved it all year.  It has space to keep track of exercise, water in take, meal planning,  a grocery list, and more.  It is a little bigger than a standard sheet of paper.  I LOVE IT!  They have one that not called a MomME planner...and they have a bunch of other really fun notepads and things.  I think it runs about $19.95 - TOTALLY WORTH IT!

So these are a few of my favorite things...

What kinds of things in your life would you recommend to someone as items that are must haves or items that make your life just a little more happy?

I also added a few of my favorite Christmas music to my play list at the bottom of my blog. 

And don't forget to comment on this post so you can enter to win one of my favorite bags!  I will pick a winner at 9 pm Today!

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Rebecca said...

How I love this post:
* I sent Husband the link for the apple corer.
* I MUST start feeding Crazies out of muffin tins.
* I downloaded the Glee Christmas album last night (my first iTunes download).
* I am now craving vanilla latte!


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