Saturday, November 20, 2010

Unexpectedly, life is good this Saturday morning...

Why is it that when your children/or child is sick sometimes, just sometimes, life just is calmer and more peaceful. Maybe it is because your expectations for the day are more relaxed. Maybe it is because you expect the puke path, crabby kids, runny noses, etc. and can be surprised by the lack of kid energy, the burst of mama patience, and the fact that you have no desire to go anywhere.  Which impacts the day in such a way that LIFE can STILL be good when little ones are under the weather.

Charley's doc appointment yesterday was memorable. Nothing in his stomach plus an unexpected 103 temp had him hurling Tylenol all over the doctor's floor. Yes, first time for the public doctor's office vomit episode. Luckily, it was Tylenol, half a pear, and a half of yogurt so the damage was minimal. The doc diagnosed him with pneumonia, a first in our household. My pregnancy brain went into overdrive and I couldn't keep the things she was saying straight and had her write things down. Because the Tylenol didn't stay put she opted to make my world easier and give him a shot of his first two doses of the augmenton (probably spelled wrong).

We made it through Target to get some much needed items and then headed home for cozy cartoons, cuddling, and hopefully a good night rest. He slept well last night. His fever stayed lowish and there was unexpectedly very little coughing. This morning he woke up and ate breakfast and played. We tried his first dose of the meds, the thing I have been fearing due to horror stories from friends and family, and all is good. I gave him only half the dose and then waited a half hour and finished it up. I think that was a good plan.

So this morning while they played and are now relaxing and watching a movie I got some much needed nesting done. I am cleaning out kitchen cupboards and tossing all the tops and bottoms of containers that don't match. I have found random crap that isn't even used or needed. And man, it feels great. I reorganized the cupboards and pantry to make it easier to access things I use regularly. I wiped out drawers and washed pot holders and holiday towels.

When there are 9 weeks left, before chaos ensues and someone who generously volunteers to be our person/people that are willing to let us call them in the middle of the night, in sheer panic, as baby number three begins it's voyage realize that the house needs to be ready for that person to come and be here. And when I arrive home from the hospital I don't want to think about cleaning. I want to enjoy the curled up cuddle moments, while balancing giving my boys some much needed attention and getting a little rest myself. So the nesting has begun and it must get done while I can still crouch down and bounce back up with relative ease.

So this Saturday that could have been the worst Saturday, has so far been very peaceful, productive, and pleasing. I hope you are warm and enjoying it, however you choose to. Christmas shopping, Thanksgiving hostess cleaning and prepping, visiting friends or family, celebrating your son's 6 years of life, sitting up in the quiet of a tree stand contemplating baby names while waiting for the "Big One" to appear...Enjoy, breathe deep, and as long as you aren't cleaning up a puke path be oh so thankful that life is good.

Life. Is. Good.


Kristen @ Motherese said...

Hi Sarah,

First, I certainly hope Charley feels better soon and that the rest of you stay as healthy as possible.

I completely understand what you mean about the forced calm that can actually come in the midst of illness. Some of my best days lately have come when we were homebound due to my younger son's croup.

Enjoy your nesting and your holiday preparations and stay well!

Eclipsed said...

I'm glad you were able to find some good out of a sick kid situation. Sometimes a little down time is all kids and parents need to rejuvenate themselves.

I think that cleaning companies should hire women who are in their third trimester. I bet the houses would never be cleaner!

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Glad to hear you had a good day in spite of the illness. Both of my boys have an ear infection, but they didn't develop it at the same time so that was two trips to the doctor. Yesterday, we did a lot of de-cluttering in preparation to host the appetizer round of a progressive dinner, so today has been dedicated to relaxing at home. And I am finally catching up on my blog. Yay!

Rebecca said...

You're right...sometimes you just sit back and let life happen to you for a change. Glad he's on the mend and you got some nesting accomplished!


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