Sunday, November 21, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1. Henry was finally convinced to wear Charley's old Hannah Anderson slippers. Darn cute...sorry no picture.  Here is a link to similar slippers...his are orange and black tiger striped.

2. All the cleaning and reorganizing was so fun to come down to this morning...if only I had unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher...then it would have been REALLY fun. But finding grace in what we did get done yesterday, and it was a lot.

3. Boys sleeping good despite runny noses, pneumonia symptoms, and bathroom runs.

4. Ed returns today from his hunting weekend. Drive safe my man- the roads could be slippery today. We have travel coming up this next month, that we are hoping can go smoothly with all the possible weather, health, and pregnancy challenges - but we will be together as a family of 4 for only 8 or 9 more weeks!

5. A late day Target run in PJs to get a new humidifier for the boys room really tested my patience - and I probably came off as a lousy mom to many of the people that passed us in the aisles....but this morning we don't need anything and can cozy in for another day of recuperation...

I will get my camera going again today.  Maybe I can add a picture of those darn cute tiger slippers on the busy feet of the my still 2 year old.

Oh, and in a recent post I said that Ed was smug about the name Anna...not because we picked that name but because there were others thinking the same as him.  We have not picked names and we won't share until baby is born!  Got to keep the anticipation strong! 

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