Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday MORNING Thoughts and a winner!

Winner of the Novica $30 online gift card is comment number 19:
Anonymous said...

I really like the men's leather bracelets. I think I'd get one for Cory.
Kim K.
November 13, 2010 1:52 PM

Please email me at if you haven't heard from me yet.  I have the code you can use TONIGHT while you sit sipping a glass of wine, with cozy slippers on, and online shopping. 

1.  I was supposed to start volunteering in Charley's classroom, helping with Guided reading groups, and I even had someone set up to watch Henry...but Charley was up all night coughing.  Taking him in to the doc - mainly because I don't want Saturday to come and have us sitting for hours in the germy urgent care.  It will be a day filled with too much screen time.  But it has been a wonderful week and they have watched very little TV.  So I will aim to keep them content and calm.

2.  I am determined to finish going through our baby clothes bins, washing the needed items, and folding them neatly into the drawers.  They should at least start out fresh and folded, right?  Number three deserves that.

3.  Baby has been kicking so hard and so much lately that it is actually keeping me awake at night and causing me anxiety.  I am thinking it is just a busy time in there.  But I still wonder if the vanilla latte did that...and I can't keep myself from worrying that it is struggling when it does that. 

4.  I have organized some of my thoughts on play with my boys.  The last couple of afternoons I have set aside time to be non distracted with them.  We have played games, done crafts, read books, wrote letters - and that little bit of time where I give them my full attention has been so good for my soul and their evening moods. 

5.  Tea is kind of good.  I am liking it.  Time for a cup.

6.  I have loved hearing all your baby name thoughts.  Ed is looking really smug since many of you mentioned the name Anna...and he really likes that name. 

7.  Anyone out there watch Private Practice?  I do and I am verging on not allowing myself to watch it anymore.  The topics they cover are often very tough ones to think about.  They do an amazing job of making you sympathize with both sides of such controversial issues.  I like seeing issues from both sides of the experience.

8.   Well it is 8:01am and it is time for that glass of tea, a phone call to the doctor's office (hope those receptionists are in a good mood, I HATE calling and getting a crabby one!), and the boys are asking for oatmeal...which is a good sign that they are hungry. 

More later!


Danifred said...

I adore a good cup of tea, especially with honey!

MASD said...

YAY for Anna! It was going to be our girl name, but we had a boy instead (#3). And now my SIL had a "Hosanna" and calls her Anna for short, so no Anna for us (and I'm ok with it, as "Leah" is growing on me, if we were to have a girl or another baby for that matter!)


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