Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Need help...Elf on a Shelf...

This weekend my mom presented me with this fun package:

I have heard of it. I have heard many parents rave about it. And I am so excited to give it a try.

 Charley is totally motivated by the idea that Santa is watching, but Henry doesn't seem to get it, and almost boycotts it by giving another whack, saying NO a little louder, refusing to clean up or help just a little more adamantly, and it is driving me nuts.

So tomorrow, December 1st...I plan to have our Elf arrive....but I am wondering how you are supposed to present it? How does it appear in your house? There really isn't a clear direction sheet included and I want to do it right so it is magical and works for the next 25 days. I do know he is supposed to be named and then each morning he is to appear in a new place to watch over the boys. 

Like my sister said, this time of the year the boys might drive me a little nutty every day with the anticipation of all the Christmas excitement.

So do share! Either comment or email me your Elf on a Shelf advice...good or bad.


Anonymous said...

I'm planning to have Santa 'leave' ours at the front door where my husband can 'find' it when he comes home from work.
Hopefully, it will inspire good behavior from my girls, ages 2 and 5. I'm also expecting, 20 weeks, so my patience isn't what it used to be.


One Take On Life - Heather said...

Do you have the book that goes with the Elf? Assuming you do. Read that tonight.

What I did last year since we got it as a gift (and Hayden opened it) was to leave the box out but we didn't touch the elf (as it says you can't or it looses its magic.)
Then our elf magically left the box and appeared somewhere in the house.

Hayden knows the elf is coming and is excited. It can appear right after Thanksgiving too, but I didn't have my act together to put him out before we left:)

Have fun! And make sure he's gone by Christmas morning till next year.

Crystal said...

I'm thinking of picking one of these up today but I can't decide - they are not cheap, and my kids may very well be as uninterested as Henry is. It looks like so much fun to set up scenes every morning though (lol ... I say that now, but wouldn't that be one more thing to add to my to do list?)

I look forward to seeing what you do with the elf - I'm sure the pics will be great!

Did you ever get your cards from Shutterfly?

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH! I have seen that and have thought what a GREAT FUN idea! Let me know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Love it! It is our 3rd year with the ElF-the only bad thing is trying to remember to move it every night....we forgot lastnight. Ugh-or when you remember right before you fall asleep then you have to get up and hide it. The boys LOVE waking up to see where it is though-totally works for us!

I recommend sticking notes all over so you remember him :)


Danifred said...

Did you get the book with your elf? I usually start reading it a few days before Thanksgiving and then ours arrives the day after Thanksgiving. This is the first year that Tot has really gotten it (though she doesn't always care)

Anonymous said...

If the elf doesn't work...my co-worker had her brother call her naughty boys and pretend to be Santa...worked like a charm. :)


Rebecca said...

Ours came with a book about how you couldn't touch it, he can't talk to you, he reports back to Santa every night, and they have to look for him every day in a different place. They love it!!!

shellycoulter said...

If you want to read a funny post about another families experience with the Elf on the Shelf then here is the link.


I laughed so hard! Its also an awesome blog in general that you should check out.

Hope it goes well with the boys. We don't have one but it kind of reminds me of something. We have a silly little Super Grover action figure. I hide it in a different spot several times a week. Random places...like right now its sitting on the little doorbell box that hangs really high on the wall. Sometimes Eli sees it right away and sometimes it takes him a little while. It always makes him laugh when he spots him. A similar little game.

Have fun!


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