Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mistakes for Tuesday...

Ed had all his hunting clothes piled by the laundry room...so what would any normal woman do...Yep, I washed them because looking at a pile of blaze orange is not my favorite decoration. So tonight, when he got home he asked me with wide eyes...

"Did you wash my hunting clothes?" - him
"Yes." - me
"With soap?" - him
"um, yeah, that's how I wash clothes." - me
"Noooo...you don't wash hunting gear with soap." -him
"Oh, why? They turned out nice." -me
"because then they smell like soap and I will never get a deer." - him
"Oh, sorry. I didn't think they smelled great when they came out so I almost washed them again. I don't think you have to worry." - me

Oops! But maybe next time he shouldn't pile them in the laundry room with jeans, flannel shirts, and socks...but, I do know now...at least for the moment.

Second, I posted my last Grace without spell checking and got distracted right after hitting publish. So I apologize for all the spelling errors. I think I fixed them now.

On a positive note...I made a last minute dinner recipe tonight and everyone loved it. It included spinach, noodles, cheese, and red sauce. I will post it soon. Ed and I watched our picky eater Henry eat it with no problem and we were happy.


Grandma Charlie said...

I hate to tell him, but I always washed all their hunting clothes, Sarah. Tell him to hang it outside for a month befor hunting season next year; that's what out neighbor does!

Danifred said...

I don't think I ever would have considered washing the hunting clothes in detergent. Hmmmmm....

Kim said...

I chuckled b/c I don't do hunting clothes b/c I hate that they come out smelling like dirt! lol seriously, I tend all my hobby supplies, he can do his hunting laundry :)

Anonymous said...

My brother is a big hunter and would never want my mom to wash his hunting clothes In fact, he buys "deer pee" and sprays it on his clothes to attract the deer! Jamie Trampe


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