Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grace in Small Things...

1.  Filling the drawers in the baby nursery with Dreft smelling little cozy things.  Nothing beats that smell...well besides the baby smell  combined with it.

2.  Gaining control of the boys behavior by separating them for a good 20 minutes...sorry Raina that you had to listen to me raise my voice. 

3.  Fresh air - we walked to school today and even though it was below 20 degrees...the sun and fresh air were refreshing after a cooped up weekend.

4.  New rolls of wrapping paper that inspire the season to wrap and give and bring smiles to people's faces.

5.  A friend found out she is having a boy today!  Crazy that she knows and we don't.  So excited for them.  And so crazy that she has two girls and now a boy...so it is possible.  I say that because the idea of this little "thumper" or "soccer player"  or "heavy metal head banger" being a girl makes me shake my head because it just isn't possible...although today I can consider that possibility a little more. 


April said...

It is possible! My girl is just as wild and crazy as my boy! We had our ultrasound yesterday and we didn't find out. :) excitement is mounting!

Anonymous said...

I can't handle not knowing. But I didn't find out so I don't know why I feel like that. But whenever I think about how fast a year goes and how next year at Christmas the next little one will be almost a year old HOLY COW! that makes me want to cry on how fast it happens. Boy....girl...boy....girl I go back and forth. CANNOT wait. Ps I'm sorry i was distracting you during your parenting RR


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