Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grace in Small Things

1. Fun play dates that include little Henry and lots and lots of giggling!

2. Friend chats in the middle of the afternoon - I remember my mom pacing the kitchen with that long telephone cord stretched as she stirred the pot and chatted with...whoever! I appreciate the middle of the afternoon friends that call to just catch up.

3. Dropping Charley off in the morning, I am brave and am not afraid of the carpool lane. I shout, "LOVE YOU CHARLEY! HAVE A GREAT DAY!" He yells back "Love you too!" and then huffs his way up to the building with his all too huge backpack! Brought tears to my eyes today - I have a child old enough for everyday school. Wow!

4. Friends that offer to watch Hank so I can ease my stress and get some volunteer hours in before baby is born. Nothing like leaving your expiring teaching license renewal to the last minute. In the next two- four months I will be having a baby, living on little sleep, squeezing in some volunteer hours, and taking two classes! WOO HOO! At some point I will be able to indulge in a glass of wine!

5. Our afternoons have been flowing with outside snow play, a holiday cartoon from Netflix, a craft, Thank you letter writing, and free play. The library has been on our list of places to go but it just never happens....and that is okay.


Shell said...

Outside snow play already???

Danifred said...

I adore afternoon chats with friends!


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