Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Names - let me hear from you!

As I am writing this I want you to know that I love that our world gives us choices. 

To each their own!

But for Ed and I we have chosen to keep the sex of our baby a surprise for all three of our births.  I think this time Ed would have found out if I had any desire.  But I didn't.  The surprise is my favorite part of pregnancy.  It gets me through those last pushes.  It gives me such a thrill to call friends and family to share the news.

I am VERY Obviously pregnant at this point and the most asked question is, "Do you know what you are having?" 

And I sadly have to explain no.  I love the response I get after - I love finding out if others had the personality, desire, patience, etc. to find out or keep it a surprise.  I love knowing what their reasoning was.  Some find out because they just can't stand not knowing.  Some find out so they can be more prepared with their nursery etc.  Other's find out so they can make it more real with their other children.  The list goes on and on. 

I think the main reason most people don't find out is the sheer excitement and anticipation of not knowing.  It is the one surprise in life that NO ONE can ruin for you, after your ultrasound of course.  I think it keeps everyone anticipating the arrival so much more.  I love pondering the idea of a girl one day and a boy the next.  I love being able to dream of boy and girl names...

Which brings us to the big question...

What will we name this third little miracle?

Throw me your ideas, desires, wishes, names you love or hate? 

Ed and I have not had a "serious" discussion about the name yet.  We both throw out name ideas here and there.  I have some definite favorites...but nothing is decided! 

So do share...inspire...


shellycoulter said...

How about Elijah or Simeon?! (Sim-ee-in, Not Simon) Those are my boys names so I obviously like them! :) And we only know each other online so you can steal them! :) Haha! Here are their full names and the meanings.

Elijah William --"The Lord is my God", and "Strong Defender"

Simeon David -- "God is Listening or He hears" and "Beloved"

Meanings are big-time for me!Both of the boys names hold so much meaning in my heart and remind me and represent so much from what we were learning and what hopes we had throughout our pregnancy with them.

BTW ---I love the names Charlie & Henry! If its a little girl...Claire would sound good with those names! :)Or my best friends little girl is named Emerson which I adore! Other cool names I've heard recently include Nash, Reid, Palmer, and Constance. Oh...and I have a friend with a little Henry who has a baby sister named Anna...which is so adorable!

Okay...I love discussing baby names. So, there is my random 2 cents. :)

Can't wait to hear the final decision!

Shell said...

Here are my favorite boys' names: Jack, Adam, Mason, Andrew, Joshua

Girls: Anna, Faith

Anonymous said...

Well...since you asked...

Clara, Claire (as in part of the name of the town where you met Ed), Winnie, Tessa, Eleanor (Ellie)
Greta, Olivia, Ryann (just like Ryan),Margaret (Maggie), Callie

Davis, Oliver, Maxton, Presley, Murray

Kim K.

Danifred said...

I've always loved Annalise and it's a name my husband refuses to entertain.

Colleen said...

Favorite Girls name: Colleen ;)

MASD said...

Favorite girl names:
Miriam, Lydia, Sophia, Amelia, Elise, Laura, Caroline, Clara, Anna, Elizabeth
(husband hates all of them!)

Favorite boy names:
Luke, Joel, Kent, Peter, Thomas, William, Andrew, Christian

Intentional or not, you have a royalty theme going for your offspring. I say, keep it up!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said... are my ideas. Some already were listed and I love that others enjoy the names as well.
Girly names: Clara, Annalise, Elyse, Juliana, and Meg

Boys: Oliver, Camden, Matthew, Patrick (my FAV), and Jarret

The Tompkins Family said...

We are SO SO SO picky when it comes to names. We write them down, send them to each other, etc. over the months, compile a list and then head to the government baby names website. Anything that is too popular is immediately discarded. It sure makes it tough!! We've got 2 possibilities this time for a boy or for a girl. I think it took us even longer this time than with the first. I also love a good nickname so I like to choose a name that shortens nicely.

All that being said, I keep the names quiet until baby time! So I'd be happy to send them to you (in email for your eyes only!). Protective much?!

Anonymous said...

Lucy for a girl & Jack for a boy (Jamie Trampe)

Anonymous said...

Coral for a girl or Rhys for a boy.... i too am pregnant just 28 weeks...... love following your blog Best wishes xx

Tracey Ann in WI said...

We were going to name our baby Bridgette Jeanelle if we had a girl 21 years ago.....I also love the name Lisa, Katie, Christopher, Michael, so many to choose from! ~Tracey Ann in WI

Paula said...

If we would've had a girl, she would've been Caroline Colette (family names). I also really love Meredith and Addison (and not because of Gray's Anatomy :))
I think boys are much harder to name. We almost had a Jack, but I do love John (or Jonathan). Michael was Ed's choice but now I love it. Aidan or Christian too.
What fun!!

The Gardiner Family said...

I love Anna Marie for a girl. I think it goes lovely with Charley and Henry. I also love the name Lily. Abby was almost our Lily, but then Sophie kept saying Baby Abby so we went with that. Then Charley b/c we wanted to carry on Chip's name.

For boys I love the names you have so far and I too love the name Jack.

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Boys names I love: Holden, Carter, and Benjamin. I am sure there are more.

Girls names were a lot harder for us to come up with.
Allison (Ally - love this name, hubby not as much) Margaret (Maggie), Katherine (kate) and Audrey.

Raina and Andy said...

Here is my 2nd attempt trying to leave a comment:

for girls I always loved
Corinna (pronounced core-in-ah)-andy vetoed this one right away
Lucy and Clara

For boys I LOVE Paul but would never use it. I always liked Ethan too but wouldn't use it. Not sure that Ethan goes with Charley and Henry either.
Oh I also love Issac and Noah but those are both on the Roeder side already. I don't see those as names you would pick either.



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