Monday, November 15, 2010

"I can't know."

My son, my Henry, you are nearing 3 years of age and you delight us with your little big personality.  Your expressions are priceless.  The things you choose to do and say crack us up.  Lately, if we ask you something and you don't know the answer you say:

"I can't know."

I absolutely love it.  And I know one of these days someone is going to correct you in a way that has you realizing that the answer should be "I don't know."  

I love how "I can't know." seems so innocent and honest.  And often it makes more sense...sometimes the questions you are trying to answer could be answered better "I can't know."  because you are only 2.  Something we forget all the time around here.

So this Monday morning....
I answer "I can't know."  to many questions...

Why when we have 100s of Legos to build with, do the boys have to have an all out battle over one teeny tiny yellow piece, steering wheel, or helmet?

Why when little ones disrobe to get dressed do they get a burst of energy that has them flipping and flopping, spinning and sprawling, all over the place.  Making it nearly impossible to get them appropriately covered?

Why when I was on my own all weekend could I pop out of bed at 4am to pick up, clean, and organize...but on a Monday morning when my little boys wake at 6:10 do I drag (yes, rejoicing because they made it past 6 today)?

Why did the first half of my pregnancy seem to waddle  along so slowly...and now that I am literally waddling is the speed picking up and 10 weeks is going to go so fast?

Our neighbor gave us some of his kids' old sleds and a snow board....why is my first instinct to hide that snowboard far far away?  

The other day Charley and Henry were sitting pondering the toy catalogs we have collected in the last week or two.  Charley noticed that a few items were in the Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us books.  So I told him to compare the prices...from there I said, he could cut out the items and we could make a chart showing the items and how they compare in prices...I got super excited.  He looked at me and this time said, "Nah,  I will just look."  Why do I still have these teacher ideas that come out and pump me up so much that I almost sat down to do it myself.  Even with just the Cub and Rainbow ads...great number comparison activity.   Why?  Because you can take the teacher out of the classroom but you can't take the...ya, ya...I will be back...someday!  But when...I can't know. 

Why aren't more readers popping over here and trying to win $30 at 30 can be used on a gift and the shipping involved in the purchase... here is a link to some of the gifts they recommend that are under 30!  The shipping on my necklace was...$ you can get yourself something and not have to pay a thing! 

Why does the flu shot have to be such a stresser for me.  This year the things that I am worried about is a newborn, kindergarten germs coming home everyday, and the list goes on...Is it the right choice to get it or not get it.  I really can't know.

Happy Monday!


Rebecca said...

This is cute, but "I can't know" why you would get out of bed at 4AM what's that about?

Oh, and the naked energy thing? Craziness!!!!

Grandma Charlie said...

Yes, I really noticed, and loved, the "I can't know" response from Henry this past weekend.

Barb said...

Need a little Henry pix to go along with this great blog! Love the "I can't know" from your blue eyed boy.

Anonymous said...

i too love the "I can't know". SO innocent. and SO special. RR


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