Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making it last...

 This morning I woke up in a quiet house to full blown WINTER.

Recently, my sister wrote a blog post about visiting my grandpa with my brother and others. They went with the intention of interviewing him. They asked him all sorts of questions - for which he answered or couldn't answer.  I cried while reading her post because I missed being there.  Granted, if I had been there with my clan things would have been more chaotic.  But the moments of hearing those details must have been amazing.

In her post she wrote:

During a quiet time my brother said to all of us "see, this is why you should write about your life". It totally clicked with me. Even if you don't think you have done anything special or out of the ordinary with your life (no matter how old you are), someone will want to know about it. You may have children, grandchildren or great grandchildren who won't be able to picture the life we now lead in 20-60 years. We may forget the mundane or normal things we do each day that would seem so interesting to our family in years to come. Those details that we will probably forget could paint images of our past for those in our future. Even the little things such as favorite meals, what you would do with an extra $100, what the Holiday's were like and what your cell phone was able to do for you.

When I read this I realized why I blog.  I started out just playing around with the whole blog thing.  And then I shared it with family.  And I realized how quickly and easily I could take a little conversation, an outfit, a moment of my life or my boys life, and I could jot it down to better remember - to make it last. 

I have had friends who have said things about how my boys aren't going to read all of these blogs - and I let that statement sink in, my heart a little heavy, and then I thought about it more and I have a feeling that in the not to far off future my boys are going to love going through my blog and reading about all the little things they have grown up learning, doing, experiencing. 

Not to be a downer, but I also think, if something were to happen to me, I love knowing that they can look back at this blog and read it and hear my voice.  They can hear my struggles, my joys, and my thoughts on motherhood. 

I think of the future and ponder the idea of a daughter-in-law who would find it interesting to know the little details of how their Love grew up.  I know I love hearing and seeing glimpses of where Ed came from.

Blogging for me has become a place where I can find the moment(s) during the day that I want to remember, forget, change, grow from, share, reflect on, and know that in a year or 10 years I can go back and maybe remember a little better. 

 I think I will remember the little things that my boys do and say, or how they say or do something, but there is so much and so many stages.  So I blog so I can remember. 

This post titled Realizing Life said,

The next day I moved through the house with different eyes. I saw the busy hum of what we were about with fleeting but tangible beauty. It won’t last - can’t last - and will be gone before I know it. So I began to make note of things I saw, felt, and cherished. A scrap of paper here, a note on my calendar there, and some plinking away on the keyboard at day’s end. It took some time. But how could I not? Writing it down makes it last.

Blogging helps me feel like it will last. 



Anonymous said...

Oh, you can bet your boys (and baby W.) are going to love looking back at these memories.


Danifred said...

I totally agree with you and I think we blog for many of the same reasons. I hope that in the future my children and grandchildren will hear me, see me and know me through my blog. It's a living document of life. I love blogging!

The Tompkins Family said...

I swear you just blogged about going outside without jackets!! EEK! The snow sure looks beautiful though.

I agree about's a good outlet for me and I use it as a sort of baby book. My blog gets updated with the latest news, pictures, videos WAY more often than I've ever had success at doing in a baby book!

April said...

I love the new picture on top!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I agree. Blogging is the best journal! One thing I do at the end of every year is I take my blog and upload it to and play with formats for a few day/weeks. Then I get it printed and bound into our yearly Glenn Family yearbook. I love it!


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