Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where have we been?

I have been disconnected the last few days having fun adventures with my family.  Things like driving to see Ed's mom and grandma...and yes, Grandma and Great Grandma were gracious enough to watch our two boys so Ed and I could go to a Packer game on Sunday.  Staying at Great Grandma's means no Internet though.  Which actually is very free-ing. 

Monday we ventured to the the Water parks Capital of the World...Wisconsin Dells.  We spent just about 24 hours water sliding, eating, sleeping, and theme parking it.  It was our first official vacation with the boys.  It was short but jam packed with fun.  More on that soon!

Returning means unpacking, laundry, routine adjustments - Charley is off of school for the week, and birthday party planning chaos.  The countdown is in it's final stretch - Charley's party is Saturday and I am trying to stay calm and relaxed about the plan for the event.  I love Ed's little comments as I sat up last night assembling Bingo cards.  He said things like - "Let's keep it simple.  Less complicated.  Do you really think we can get 9 kids to sit down for this."   My response, "Yes, we can.  They will love it."  I keep telling myself that I controlled classrooms of 28 a handful for a birthday party should be do-able. 

So today, we have no plans, but birthday party prep, haircuts, and lazy times in our PJ's.  I am not going to comment on the sleeping habits that have corrected themselves almost immediately upon returning home from our weekend away.  (The boys DID NOT go to bed nicely all weekend and at one point we were up at 4:50am).  I hate to jinx things but bedtime is slicker than ever and they have been sleeping until 6:30 am!  WOO HOO!  Did I just comment on it.  Damn.  Now I ruined it.

Belly growing.  Baby kicking.  Finding that when I am hungry I fill up too fast for my liking.  But all is going well with the journey to our family of five. 

Fall temps are here.  Cold mornings and nights but windows can still be cracked mid-day to enjoy the blustery winds that have been sweeping through the last few days. 

Life is good.  And today will be filled with patience, contentment, and bathroom cleaning.  I am hoping to make this for dinner (found on my recipe link).  But am tempted to make this because over the weekend at least 3 people emailed me to tell me they made and loved this White Chili recipe that I shared. 

Thursday, October 21st is going to be a great day.  Enjoy it!


Shell said...

Your vacation sounds like fun! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I just cracked a beer in your favor! You are such a busy mom of 3!! I can't imagine how you do it. Stay sane mama...the weeks will go fast now! RR


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