Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday thoughts...

1.  So the dinner I tried to thaw for tonight is not thawing fast enough.  However, when I stopped at U-Bake to get some Lego candy that I knew they carried I saw that they had a sale on frozen chocolate cream pies.  They only need to thaw for 4-6 hours in the fridge.  So if I got it at 2:30....Ed and I can eat chocolate creme pie for dinner...right? I can serve the boys cereal.  I am pregnant - anything goes these days.

2.  Books on CD are the savior in our house.  Today I got at least 8 of them from the library.  The boys love to listen to them at night as they fall asleep.  Whatever works! 

3. Yesterday during dinner Charley confidently announced, "Mama, Me and __?     are in love." My response, "Oh, she's a nice girl." And he and Henry went back to discussing something boyish. I have waited and waited for him to tell me about this little girl because she told her mom months and months ago. Ahhhh, feels good to know my son trusts me at this point.

4.  There is only a week before Charley will have his first kid birthday party.  I am struggling with sleep as I worry about the planning.  We have decided to do friend parties every other year.  So this will be Charley's first.  We also are going with the ..."You are turning 6 so you can invite 6 friend rule."  The teacher in me wants to invite the entire class because I know how traumatic some of the birthday talk can be.  However, I am just not up for it this time around.  His list of guests was very interesting, but it is his party so we are going with it.  Hilarious to me that there will be more girls than boys.  But he has grown up with more steady girl play dates than boys. 

5.  I bought some maternity clothes today and I feel guilty doing it since there are only about 14-15 weeks left.  But I am also having a sinking feeling that this is our last and my last time to enjoy this belly bump and I want to enjoy it and not just flub around...even though I still feel like a big flub. 

6.  We had bought some of those cheese handi snack thingies (you know the ones with the little cheese and the crackers with the red stick to spread the cheese with - yep it is all coming back to you)...for a soccer snack a few weeks back.  I hadn't had any of those since I was a kid but we told Charley he could pick out the snack for soccer.  And that is what he picked.  I found one today and wished there were 5 more.  For some reason those high fat crackers and that OVERLY processed cheese tasted sooooo good.  Gross, I know, but oh well.  As I hid behind the fridge and ate it, because there was only one and the boys would have begged, I thought...I wonder what that easy cheese that squirts out of the can would taste like.  No worries...I am not going there. 

7.  Henry is potty trained, daytime.  And I just can't believe it.  Today when we were shopping he told me he had to go.  But we were checking out so he had to hold it.  He held it, literally, but it worked.  We made it to the bathroom AFTER checking out.  I walked out of the bathroom so proud of my boy.  Such a big boy.

8.  I complained to a neighbor the other day about all the errands I have but how daunting they are when you have to drag kids in and out.  A 10 minute post office stop can turn into 30 minutes as you have to gaze at all the stamp options and discuss what all the mailboxes are for.  However, then I realized that Henry is my little side kick who takes my hand without asking.  Stays by my side....and isn't weighing my body down like this third little nut is going to do in 15 weeks.  When the snow hits and the infant seat is added to the mix - then I have a right to complain.  or do I?

9.  Okay, I usually do this post on Fridays,  but I am in the mood and it worked for me today.  More fun posts coming up - Halloween cookies, apple crisp recipe, craft closet chaos, and an updated belly picture that proves that I need to start worrying about where I swing this bundle near...I could start knocking glasses off tables soon. 


Rebecca said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to be a that for after you have the baby!

Squirt cheese is the BEST!!!

One Take On Life - Heather said...

Good for you for buying some new maternity tops, I have to go through those yet. Will let you know what I find.

errands are way more tiring with kids and do take longer, infant seat or not. Target is the only place that Maddy takes off, and its for one destination, the free cookie.

Good that you are sticking to the 6 kids for 6 years old. You won't regret that. And you know what, Charley may not be invited to all birthday parties in his class this year, and in the end it won't matter.

How was the pie?


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